The invaders recognize the Ukrainian army as the strongest in the world – SBU interception

The invaders recognize the strength of the Ukrainian army and celebrate its fearlessness.

This is evidenced by the interception SBU phone conversation, Ukrinform reports.

In particular, the invaders tell their relatives that the Ukrainian servicemen “destroy” the enemy with whole battalions and do it once or twice. So the enemy is demoralized and is able to attack only at the cost of insane losses.

“The Ukrainian army is the strongest army in the world… They are not even afraid of the Russians,” a resident of occupied Donetsk, who was mobilized into the ranks of the Russian army, told his mother.

To the objection of a woman who has seen enough of the propaganda, she asks: “Did you see any losses? .. They don’t tell you the truth … they tell you fairy tales.”

Like, if the Russians are advancing, then at the expense of huge losses. He added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian regiment.

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As Ukrinform reported, since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine from February 24 to August 1, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed 41,030 Russian invaders.

Photo: SBU

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