The Institute of National Memory has released a new video from the series “War and Myth”

On May 9, Ukraine and the world celebrate the Day of Victory over Nazism in World War II. By this date, the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance presents a new video “Liberation of Ukraine”, created within the framework of the video project “War and Myth”.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by UINP press office.

“The liberation from imaginary Nazis is used by Russia to justify its invasion of Ukraine, which has already caused thousands of civilian casualties. Liberation is another deceptive slogan of the Russian occupiers, coming from Soviet mythology. After all, the return of the Red Army in 1943-1944 was also called the liberation of Ukraine.

At the same time, it is noted that the truth is that with the expulsion of the Nazi occupiers, Ukraine did not gain freedom, but found itself under the rule of another totalitarian regime, which brought millions of victims. The expulsion of the Nazis was accompanied by the mass crimes of the Stalinist regime. In the most dangerous sectors of the front, “black sweaters” were used – hastily mobilized local residents who were thrown into battle unprepared, undressed, and often unarmed.

Soviet soldiers were forced to fight against the national underground, which meant a fratricidal war between Ukrainians. And then – mass repressions and purges, another artificial famine, deportations of hundreds of thousands of people, decades of poverty, shortages, lies and propaganda. This is what Moscow’s liberation brought to Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian people received true freedom and freedom only on August 24, 1991, with independence. And this is precisely what haunts Moscow. Putin’s liberators would prefer to free Ukrainians from Ukraine. And for this they spare neither women nor children. They kill, rape and rob. In a word, they do what they always do, ”the UINP summarizes.

This and other videos in good quality can be downloaded here.

Production – Just production. Zoya Boychenko, Tatyana Boyko, Maxim Mayorov, Vladimir Tilischak, Victoria Yaremenko worked on the project.

The video uses materials from the book “War and Myth: Unknown World War II” edited by Vladimir Vyatrovich, Alexander Zinchenko, Maxim Mayorov, namely the myth of the Liberation of Ukraine (author – Sergey Gorobets).

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As Ukrinform reported, on May 4, the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance launched an information campaign by May 8–9 with a new video from the War and Myth series about Lend-Lease. On May 8, on the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, dedicated to the memory of the victims of World War II, UINP released a video debunking the thesis “No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.”

The purpose of the video project “War and Myth” is to deconstruct Soviet myths and prevent the use of the history of the Second World War for political and propaganda purposes, in particular, by the aggressor country.

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