the inspection team went to the bulk carrier Razoni

The inspection team, consisting of representatives of Ukraine, the UN, Turkey and Russia, went to the Razoni dry cargo ship for inspection.

It is reported by Ukrinform with link to the news agency “Anadola”.

“A delegation consisting of representatives of Turkey, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the UN to inspect a dry cargo ship carrying corn that left Ukraine departs from the pier of the General Directorate of Coastal Security of the Rumeli Feneri settlement,” the news agency reports.

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The agency broadcast live from the scene. The video shows that it is raining in Rumeli Feneri.

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As reported, on Monday morning, after the signing between Russia and Ukraine under the leadership of Turkey of the Joint Agreement on the coordination of the export of grain, the first ship with a cargo of corn set off from the port of Odessa along the “grain corridor”.

His arrival in Istanbul was expected at 15.00, then due to sea conditions was postponed to a later time. The ship anchored on Tuesday evening around 21.00. Today, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the inspection of the vessel at 10.00.

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