The imaginary employer deceived the applicant from Abakan for 300 thousand rubles

The search for remote work is over for a resident of Abakan complete failure and loss of money.

As writes newkhakasiya.onlinethe Abakan citizen was let down by his gullibility and ignorance of the elementary rules of Internet security.

The victim said that he saw an advertisement for a job on the Internet, after which he contacted the “employer” at the contacts indicated there.

The swindler managed to convince the applicant to get a credit card for 110 thousand rubles, after which the Abakino resident, under the influence of persuasion, issued another card to transfer the future “salary”. The result of negotiations with the “employer” turned out to be sad for the resident of Abakan – he lost a total of 300 thousand rubles.

The deceived applicant wrote a statement to the police. A criminal case has been initiated against the imaginary employer.

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