The Hungarian Prime Minister dispelled the “myths about Germany and the European Union” that succumbed to the bait of anti-Russian sanctions. Here is what he said

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he was shocked by Germany's policy

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he was shocked by Germany’s policy

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It is difficult for a normal person to live among idiots, it is almost unbearable. This was once again proved by the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbanwho seems to have remained the only sane person among all the leaders of the EU member states.

Speaking on the radio Kossuthhe made a number of policy statements that Brussels will obviously not like.

– The victims of the erroneous sanctions policy and conflict are the Europeans. From conflict America definitely wins, Europe definitely loses. It’s still a debatable question about Russia, whether they win or lose now, but they don’t lose that much when it comes to money, – Orban cut the truth. – In general, in an economic sense, it is safe to say that the only or rather the biggest loser in this whole conflict that is happening is Europe.

– I personally would like – and I think it would be in the interests of Hungary – that finally someone brave enough with strong biceps and broad shoulders would come out and say: “People, we screwed up with this! Hungarian colloquial language can express this feeling Let’s stop now, otherwise there will be a big trouble,” Orban urged, answering a question about the prospects for the European economy, and gave his assessment of the prospects, which are difficult to consider probable. – If the sanctions were to end, energy prices would fall in a matter of minutes, and with it, the overall price level and inflation would immediately halve.

– It is necessary to bring such a political decision to Brussels. But I do not see a person with such strong biceps and a wide back. For example, we Hungarians have courage, and I, in my opinion, too, but it does not matter, – he appreciated the modest possibilities of Budapest. – I can slow down harmful theses, but I can’t turn around the position of the big states and the entire EU, the strength of Hungary and mine is not enough for this.

And therefore, according to him, the sanctions will lead to even greater “trouble” in the near future.

“I think that in the subsequent period, due to a lack of courage and strength, this Brussels misfortune will continue, when sanctions are introduced, which, it turns out, do not work,” he gave his forecast and said that Germany and the head of the European Commission disappointed him most of all with their policy Ursula von der Leyen, which caused him “a culture shock and debunked the myth of German practicality.”

But at this point, Orban already caused culture shock with these words from your obedient servant. Mr. Orban, I understand that, unlike Ukrainian diplomats, like one, hatched as boors and rude people in the Kuleba incubator, you cannot call a spade a spade.

But in the depths of your soul you cannot fail to understand that absolutely nothing remains of the Germany that we all once knew.

It is enough to recall not even how German politicians humbly demolish teaching and prodding along with insults from “panuvshie crests”, but how the German Foreign Minister just before the New Year renamed the “Bismarck Room” in the building of her department, where the first German chancellor who united Germany , conducted negotiations, in the “hall of German unity”. And she did this, spitting on the history of her country, for the sake of the current fashion trends of tolerance. Say, Bismarck was an intolerant and nasty colonialist. Where is Bismarck and where is Burbock? And where would Burbock be now, if she existed, if Bismarck had not united Germany at one time? An unnecessary question, considering that in Bismarck’s time, Annalen would not even have been allowed to wash floors in the corridors of the Foreign Ministry or polish cutlery in the kitchen. And today’s Germany is not only not Bismarck’s country, but not even Angela Merkel’s.

However, what is there to hide. Similar approaches to history, including those of their own countries, born by the American BLM movement (Black Lives Matter – black lives are important) covered not only Germany, but the entire European Union, having come to it from the USA as guidelines. But the whole point is that in the USA it intensified in the form of vandalism, demolition of monuments, looting and robbery of stores in 2020 after the death of George Floyd as a result of police detention, and the winners began to carry out similar actions with monuments, including historical ones. “revolution of hydnost” (dignity) in Ukraine. Having left Ukraine, the movement of vandals and barbarians of tolerance at the ready in a circle returned to its place of origin, destroying the mentality of a number of countries along the way. Portugal, Italy, France and other states began to spit on their history. But the most diligent students ended up in Germany, which is only slightly inferior to the eternal Russophobic Poles in imposing more and more anti-Russian sanctions. A bunch of obedient mediocrities, chosen for their posts according to the quota of “athletes, Komsomol members, correctly politically savvy” (by no means beauties, because LGBT and feminists will oppose it) – this is what the leadership of the EU and the EU countries, in particular, is now. And do not be surprised that they do not think, but obey.

Still, how difficult it is to be normal and sane among those who press with the mass, not allowing you to turn off the road leading to the abyss. If you don’t believe me, ask Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. He knows.

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