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According to the approved version of the model, parents with low lengths will be able to increase the number of parents from the current maximum of 10 thousand crowns and 13 thousand crowns. According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, in times of health, families will be able to raise their income, but they will then choose the total amount of work faster.

The opposition of the YES and SPD movements did not enforce proposals to bring out the total number of the parental unit and the automatic valorisation of the parental group. The YES movement wanted to increase the deposit from 300 thousand to 400 thousand crowns. The SPD suggested that the amount of the parental contribution should increase to 360 thousand crowns. Neither the Social Committee nor the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs supported these rights.

Recipients of housing allowances will in particular provide income and expenses once a year, not every quarter of the year as before. It will not be necessary to provide a detailed breakdown of the individual items of costs of services related to housing.

If, over the course of a year, their costs change and increase, then of course they can go to work and ask for their contribution, explained the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jureka.

The series should be admitted to the two for an indefinite period and the people will not have to give it up again every year. So that seniors, for whom nothing is changed and still need the contribution, they do not have to give up on it again, the proposal and the Pirt MP MEP Olga Richterov.

The two extraordinary moment of help, which belongs to the support in material need, could now be taken by the people, due to the lack of pensions they will be in danger of losing their homes or they will remain without basic needs.

The total amount in one year should not exceed twenty times the subsistence level, ie 85 thousand crowns. In the case of a single court, the income of the applicant and his staff would be assessed not only for the given month, but also for the previous month, which can prevent speculation.

The amendment on social doors will now be considered for the Sent, which will probably meet in five weeks. The government believes that the new rules should apply from July.

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