The high voltage pandemic lasts, the video shows the quiet and opulent streets of Angha. Tesla set up the factory Business

The company originally wanted to produce about 200 cars. According to the previous ones, it had to produce 2,600 cars a day in five weeks. Uzvra msta vak veker plny Tesly pekazila, pe agentura Reuters. The company’s overall HV sales fell by about 98 percent in April compared to the previous month. This is shown by the Czech Automobile Association (CPCA).

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Tesla factory in Slovakia was closed for more than twenty days during the current and April. It was reopened on April 19. Since then, the company has produced a total of 10,757 electric cars and sold 1,512 of them, which is a multiple drop compared to the new values.

The automotive sector is gaining ground due to the ongoing pandemic. Total sales of new cars there fell in April compared to the previous month by more than a tetin.

The Czech financial metropolis of Anghai has also closed the last two metro lines in recent days. Most of the city’s 26 million people may not leave their homes and residential complexes, although some suburbs have been subdued.

The video agency of the AP agency from Monday captures a quiet and desolate place, where an occasional car and a driver of the service on a motorcycle will just walk through the empty streets.

The daily finger nakaench in anghai fell to about 3,000 on Monday, while at the height of the current wave of the epidemic in mid-April it reached 26,000. However, in the fight against Covid-19, continue the policy of zero tolerance and do not let the inhabitants of the most populous city return to normal life.

In the capital of Beijing today, a round of coronavirus testing has begun. The metropolis, where daily fingers move in a row, tries to avoid the fate of Angha. Even in Beijing, however, it was closed to 60 subway stations, restaurants and a number of individual residential buildings.

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