The hero of the special operation “Z” Sergeant Alekseev became a stumbling block for enemies

Sergeant Igor Alekseev and Ensign Dmitry Bocharnikov

Sergeant Igor Alekseev and Ensign Dmitry Bocharnikov

We continue to acquaint you with the heroes of the special operation “Z” – participants in the hostilities in the Donbass. Privates, sergeants, corporals and officers who showed their professional experience, character and completed combat missions. Their determination, assertiveness and combat experience in the Russian Ministry of Defense, in the police units of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, are given the highest rating.

Our heroes thwarted the attacks and prevented the counteroffensive of the nationalists, for which they received state awards. But they do not serve for the sake of praise and awards. The servicemen are sure that the enemy has no chance of success, because Donbass and Russia are fighting for a just cause.

“I don’t like rivalries, demonstrations, counter marches. Instead of these childishness – eye, speed, onslaught – these are my leaders, ”said Generalissimo Alexander Suvorov, who did not lose a single battle. And he instructed the soldiers: “Shoot rarely, but accurately. Bayonet if firmly. The bullet is a fool, the bayonet is well done.


Ensign Dmitry Bocharnikov

“Ensign Dmitry Bocharnikov, during the period of a special military operation in conditions of systematic fire impact in areas of intense hostilities, performed combat missions to organize uninterrupted communications in the interests of a battalion tactical group of the Russian Armed Forces. The positions of the battalion tactical group, which Dmitry provided with communications, were attacked by Ukrainian nationalists, as a result of which part of the communications equipment and communication lines were damaged. With dense enemy artillery fire along the front line of the BTG defense line, Ensign Bocharnikov personally restored the wire connection between the battalion command and observation post and platoon strongholds. Despite the threat to life, acting courageously and decisively, Dmitry deployed regular means of communication and restored the communication channel, which ensured the infliction of fire on the advancing enemy by artillery of direct subordination of the armored personnel carrier, to suppress his artillery in positions and repel the attack.


Sergeant Igor Alekseev

“Sergeant Igor Alekseev, acting as part of the unit, carried out the task of defending a stronghold from the armed formations of Ukrainian nationalists. During the clash, Igor, acting confidently, with aimed fire at the advancing militants, fettered the actions of the enemy, reducing the pace of his offensive. The enemy opened mortar fire on the position of Sergeant Alekseev. As a result of a mortar shell that exploded nearby, Igor received a concussion, but he did not leave the battle, and after changing his position he continued to fire at the militants. As a result of the battle, the nationalists, having suffered significant losses, retreated. Thanks to the courage and dedication of Sergeant Igor Alekseev, the task of defending the stronghold was completed.


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