The heirs of Alexander Gradsky found a secret buyer for his property

Musician Alexander Gradsky

Musician Alexander Gradsky

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Apparently this civil process will be long. May 23, the third ex-wife of Alexander Gradsky 61-year-old Olga Semenovna (Gradskaya) filed a claim to the court for the recognition of common property and the allocation of its share.

They have been married for 21 years and raised two children. They divorced in 2001. They say that Olga was the initiator of the divorce. This is also why there was no full-fledged division of property, apparently.

And now, after the death of Gradsky (he died on November 28 last year), Olga Semenova decided that she had the right to claim 50% of the property acquired in marriage: these are land plots, non-residential and residential premises, buildings … – there are enough objects. She will have to prove that during the divorce, Alexander Borisovich illegally deprived her of half of this property.

Olga Semyonovna immediately filed a lawsuit against three legal heirs of her ex-husband: his widow Marina Gradskaya (nee Kotashenko) and her children from Gradsky – 41-year-old son Daniel and 35-year-old daughter Maria.

None of the heirs appeared at the first preliminary meeting. Representatives who, judging by the mise-en-scene at the entrance to the meeting room, had already agreed on everything, took the rap for them. And there are no disputes between them. Usually the opponents (representatives of the plaintiff and the defendant) do not even greet each other. But in this case, they sat side by side on a bench and nicely, kindly discussed possible difficulties. And there will be many difficulties.

Firstly, the minor sons of Gradsky from Marina Kotashenko: 7-year-old Alexander and three-year-old Ivan. Their legal representative is the mother. But her voice is not enough. Each action with property claimed by minor children must be coordinated with the guardianship authorities. Including if you have to re-determine the shares of heirs.

Guardianship will have questions if the heirs intend to sell the property. It turns out that the Gradskys seem to have found a buyer for one of Alexander Borisovich’s cars (he had three of them: Lincoln, Mercedes and Lexus). The sale requires the consent of all heirs, since not the entire car is sold, but its shares. And yet – the conclusion of the guardianship authorities that the interests of minor children are not infringed. And so for everything for everything … Zaparisto. It would be nice to get one consent to transactions for all objects of movable and immovable property. But will custody give him?

Another difficulty: a judicial assessment of real estate is needed, since we are talking about a judicial division. The assessment is expensive – 500 thousand rubles. Who will pay for it? Based on the results of the assessment, the shares of each heir will be allocated. “Then a fight will begin for these shares, and as the next step, “squeezing out of the shares,” one of the representatives of the defendants thought aloud with knowledge of the matter.

As we understood, there was no agreement on the division of property (after the divorce in 2001) between the ex-wife Olga and Alexander Gradsky. Apparently, Alexander Borisovich did not consider it necessary to share anything with his wife who had run away from him. But in any case, she could apply within three years of the divorce. Now she has to explain why she missed the statute of limitations and went to court only now. As if there was an act of donation to the land. And some other important documents in her favor. In general, the hereditary business has become much “thickened” and heavier, more cars have been added …

The representative of Olga Gradskaya asked the court to hold the session behind closed doors, saying that these are issues related to the private life of a public person, and the interests of minor children are also affected. The idea not to let the press into the process was supported by the representatives of the defendants – Gradsky’s older children and his widow.

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