The headquarters of the presidential brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed near Vuhledar

Military journalist Evgeny Poddubny announces the latest news regarding the offensive of the Russian army that began today on the positions of the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) in the Ugledar direction.

According to available information, under Ugledar serious losses carries the so-called “presidential brigade” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – the 1st operational brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The Krasnopol high-precision projectile destroyed the headquarters of the brigade and the center of electronic intelligence, the reporter notes in his Telegram channel.

According to him, the 1st and 2nd mechanized battalions of the 53rd Specialized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are also counting losses.

It is reported from the field that a large section of the Pokrovsk-Bakhmut-Mikhailovka highway north-east of Vuhledar, along which Ukrainian units transported supplies, passed under fire control of the Russian Armed Forces, the military commander added.

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