The head of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik announced the encirclement of Ukrainian troops near Lisichansk

Head of the LPR, Major General Leonid Pasechnik talked to a political observer "KP" Alexander Gamov

Head of the LPR, Major General Leonid Pasechnik talked with the political observer of “KP” Alexander Gamov

A photo: Alexander GAMOV

– Leonid Ivanovich, tell me why, after all, the “Points U” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reach your settlements 40-60 kilometers from Luhansk, and people there suffer from this? Why? Yesterday, the day before yesterday, they told me that they were wounded again … How is the situation in general at the front?

– You know, the situation at the front, well, I would call it like this – it is stably tense.

To date, units of the Lugansk People’s Militia continue to fight for the industrial zone of the plant “Nitrogen“, located in the city of Severodonetsk.

According to the reports that come to me, we hope that the industrial zone will be vacated in the near future.

It also follows from the reports of the leadership of the people’s militia that today the only road that connected the city of Seversk (that is, in the depths of the location of the Ukrainian troops, in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian troops) with the city of Lisichansk, is already under the control of the people’s militia unit of the Luhansk People’s Republic.

That is, in principle, the enemy remains practically without the possibility of delivering weapons, ammunition, provisions, etc. to them. That is, practically they are left without food, without ammunition and without weapons, without transportation.

But today this supply is blocked on the asphalt road. And there is still an opportunity to move somewhere along forest country roads

But from those reports, again, which follow in my address, in the next two or three days the ring around Lisichansk will be completely closed, so we very much hope that in the near future – I don’t want to predict, I don’t want to reveal any secrets of the military – Lisichansk will be cleared of Ukrainian nationalists.

Overall, there is progress…

– That is, our troops?

– Yes, absolutely right, of course.

That is, the dynamics of the offensive is present. Yes, of course, it may not be as fast as we would like. But, unfortunately, the enemy has been seriously preparing for war all these eight years, very powerful fortified areas, plus the support of their pro-Western curators, in terms of the fact that they are supplied with fairly modern, very powerful weapons, which in any case they have on some stage helps.

But all the same, we are fulfilling the task of clearing our territory from Ukrainian fascists.

– Why do the “Points U” fly?

– Well, firstly, the flight range of “Point U” is about 110 kilometers, so, in principle, it can freely fly anywhere. For example, I know that literally in the coming days preceding today, a few kilometers from the city of Luhansk, another “Point U” was shot down by air defense units. That’s quite recently. Which was also oriented and flew towards Luhansk. But the city is probably at the very farthest distance from the line of contact, from the place of the fighting, the active phase of the hostilities. The nearest areas, such as Stakhanov, Kirovsk, Pervomaisk, Papasnaya, are shelled almost regularly.

– And not only…

– The shelling continues both in the city of Rubizhne and in the city of Kremennoe, in general, they seem to get it, shoot at the settlement of Svatovo. What, of course, causes the greatest indignation is the fact that peaceful settlements are being shelled, in which, by and large, today there is no military military equipment, the location of any units.

That is, the civilian population is practically suffering, the infrastructure of cities and regions of the Luhansk People’s Republic is suffering, peaceful people who are not guilty of anything are dying.

War is war, of course. Soldiers fight soldiers, but civilians have nothing to do with it.

And our difficulty in advancing is caused by the fact that the enemy still continues, despite all our attempts and persuasion, warnings, to use prohibited forms and methods of warfare and uses the civilian population as a human shield for their defensive actions.

– How much is there? About 450, yes, civilians, the information passed.

– Yes, the information is different, I’m not ready to comment on it now, I don’t have any figures, I don’t have intelligence, so I don’t really want to use any unverified sources either.

As they say, I never use it, but it is clear that there are civilians there, who are also used as a human barrier by the Ukrainian Nazis.

– That is, there the scenario unfolds essentially the one that was on “Azovstal“?

– Almost yes. But I just want to say that there were enough of them at Azovstal, I would say elite units, that is, the command of Azov, probably the best fighters. Here, as far as we understand, the fighting spirit is much less, in any case, I think that the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian Nazis have it broken. That is, their flagship “Azov” is almost completely destroyed.

And here are the signs…

– Signs that the military personnel of the nationalist battalions and other armed formations of Ukraine, leaving from there and surrendering, indicate that they are already fighters there – they are in such an ambiguous state – whether to surrender, or continue to fight, or all – come out and raise your hands, raise the white flag. This is their condition.

– This is for the rank and file, and for …

– Both privates and officers, yes. Therefore, well, of course, someone will intimidate them there, some fanatics, keep them in check somewhere, try to force weaker, younger military personnel to still fight, but, however, I repeat once again that the fighting spirit pretty badly broken.

– Well, when will the victory be ours, in this respect, I mean? As Vyacheslav Molotov said, the enemy will be defeated, our cause is just…

– You know, the enemy will definitely be defeated, victory will definitely be ours. I very much hope that this will happen in the near future, but I do not want to give any forecasts, because war is war.

– And the Kremlin or the Russian Ministry of Defense, naturally, does not set any tasks?

– You know, our main task is to clear the territory of the republic from Ukrainian Nazis, while inflicting minimal damage and minimal harm to the health and life of our citizens, who are, among other things, held hostage by the Ukrainian Nazis, and to save their lives to the maximum – our residents.

– Leonid Ivanovich, for some reason, one report stuck in my memory when, in my opinion, you appeared in civilian clothes on the Day of Russia, yes. And there everyone does not recognize you and they say – oh, Leonid Ivanovich, is that you? And you are in civilian life and you feel a little that it is also unusual for you. That’s when the head of the LPR will take off his military uniform and put on – “peaceful”? Do you have a civilian suit at work here?

– At work? No, no. I don’t have a civilian suit at work. I have all the houses.

You know, well, I would love to take off my uniform and it would mean that this is our complete victory. But the special military operation continues, and as soon as the command arrives that it is over, when we understand that Ukrainian fascism has been completely defeated, that the tasks that the President of the Russian Federation set before the start of the military operation for the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine will be completed when the territory Ukraine will cease to pose a threat to the entire Russian world, then I will take off my tunic with great pleasure, hang it in a closet and we will begin a peaceful life.


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