The head of the Investigative Committee took control of the case of torture in Bashkiria

Head of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin took personal control high-profile case about the torture of his wife and children by a police officer in Bashkiria. Writes about it

According to the publication, a 34-year-old senior detective of the district department is accused of committing a crime. He is suspected of torture and neglect of parental duties. The man has already been taken into custody.

According to investigators, the policeman beat his sons and wife for several years.

They added that as a result of such “upbringing” the children had health problems. In addition, now minors need psychological help.

Bastrykin asked the employees of the Investigative Committee for Bashkiria to provide him with information on the progress of the investigation in the criminal case.

Earlier, the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation instructed to open a case into the shelling of the village of Tetkino Kursk region from the Ukrainian military.

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