The head of FIFA accused the West of hypocrisy

President of the International Football Federation (FIFA) Gianni Infantino

President of the International Football Federation (FIFA) Gianni Infantino

A photo: REUTERS

On the eve of the World Cup, starting in Qatar, the head of the International Football Federation (FIFA) Gianni Infantino started the press conference from an hour-long speech he devoted to the West’s misperception of countries with a different culture.

Qatar has been and is accused of exploiting the labor of immigrants, violating human rights, etc.

Infantino was struck by the fact that Western journalists write about Qatar exclusively in a negative light, without mentioning any positive changes that have taken place in this country in recent years. And even more so, the Western media refuse to write about similar problems that exist in their countries.

– Do you think FIFA can come to the UK, the States or Italy and demand that they develop a system to support migrant workers? Many work there illegally, in Qatar they work legally. There is a special support fund that has already paid out more than $350 million in compensation to injured workers. – gave the example of Infantino.

“I think that for what we Europeans have been doing for 3,000 years around the world, we should apologize for the next 3,000 years before we start giving people moral lessons,” the head of FIFA said, calling attempts to point out to the Qataris their human rights violations by hypocrisy.

– If we have the opportunity to hold a tournament in Iran, then we should go there in order to possibly change something. 80 million people live in Iran. Do you think that they all live badly, that monsters live there? I do not think so. Or if there are 60 million people in the UK, do you think they are all good without exception? You are dividing, we will fight to unite people,” he promised, urging people from all over the world to enjoy the championship.

“It only happens once every four years. How many complexities are there in the world, do you want to divide people even more, and not unite them? Please, let’s celebrate and believe that we will bring smiles to the world. – asked the head of FIFA.

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