The head of defense of Kyiv Pavlyuk warned about the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces on the capital of Ukraine

Russian troops can go to the Kiev and Chernihiv areas if the fighting on the eastern front is successful. This opinion is shared by the head of defense Kyiv Alexander Pavlyuk.

In the event of the liberation of Donbass, the RF Armed Forces will regroup, replenish personnel and weapons, and move to the capital Nezalezhnaya, he believes.

“For the enemy, Kyiv remains and will remain the main goal of his predatory dreams. He will never give up on this. We should constantly remember this and do not exclude the possibility of attempts to form new strike groups in the Kiev and Chernihiv directions due to measures of total mobilization of reservists, attracting stocks of equipment and Soviet-era weapons, which are still enough at the storage bases,” Pavlyuk said in an interview with Ukrinform.

But Kyiv is under the protection of air defense, which is able to protect the city from air attacks. However, in the event of a massive missile strike, the likelihood of a breakthrough in the air defense system still exists, Pavlyuk concluded.

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