The head of ČT Dvořák will receive an annual bonus of 2.4 million. The Council did not approve the reduction Home

If the board does not approve the reduction, it belongs to the director 100 percent, said the deputy chairman of the board Jiří Šlégr. For the previous year, Dvořák received bonus in the amount of 66 percent of the annual wage, ie about 1.6 million crowns. The reason for the reduction was, among other things, problems in communication between Dvořák and the council.

This year, however, it turned out that the council voted against the bonus last year in violation of the law, because five councilors out of 11 were in favor of reducing the bonus. She said that the court should decide on the legality of the resolution.

This year, the Council decided on the bonus according to new criteria. 70 percent of them are the performance component, ie, for example, the amount of funds in ČT accounts or management, the remaining 30 percent is Dvořák’s personal assessment by councilors.

While councilors voted 100 percent for the performance of the councilors, a personal evaluation provided by six out of ten councilors anonymously gave him a score of 2.75 on a scale of one to five.

Today, the Board also approved ČT’s financial statements for last year and its annual financial report. He submits it to the Chamber of Deputies by the end of August.

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