The “hand of Moscow” reached out: the Russophobic government was overthrown in Bulgaria

Petkov is not going to give up

Petkov is not going to give up

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Kiril Petkov, the head of the Bulgarian government, is clearly not happy, because he, repeatedly seen in Russophobic moods, was again struck from Moscow! True, this time not directly, but through “accomplices” in parliament. The country’s legislature passed a vote of no confidence in the executive branch.

123 deputies voted for the removal of the government created by the “Continue Changes” coalition, despite the fact that it was necessary to score 121 votes. The initiators of the “overthrow” of the cabinet of ministers was the GERB party, which was joined by the movements “Renaissance”, “There is such a people” and the “Movement for Rights and Freedoms”.

According to the Bulgarian edition “Vesti”, Petkov is not going to give up. “They were afraid that if we continue to be in power, then sooner or later justice will come for them,” the prime minister said. “Their victory is temporary, and they don’t understand it, all changes will still happen.”

Petkov himself promised all kinds of punishments to the leader of his main opponent of the GERB party, ex-premier Boyko Borisov. “The sins and thefts you have committed will overtake you over time, you will not be able to play this game for a long time,” the head of government said. “If you feel more or less comfortable today, it won’t be for long.”

And who was to blame for the troubles of the Petkov government? Of course, Russia and personally Ambassador to Sofia Eleonora Mitrofanova. “It was an honor for me to lead the government that overthrew Peevski, Borisov, Trifonov and Mitrofanova,” Novinite quoted the head of government as saying.

The Russian ambassador, commenting on the statements of the Bulgarian Prime Minister, called the explanation very “convenient” for the authorities that Russia is always to blame for everything.

“Probably, such an explanation is convenient for them, since now Russia is generally to blame for everything,” the diplomat said on the air of the Rossiya 24 TV channel, recalling that a year earlier there was a “huge government and parliamentary crisis”, when elections were held three times to parliament.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commenting on the accusations by the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, noted with humor that the list of “guilty” is incompletepointing out that it lacks Batman and Catwoman.

At the rate “Financial TimesThe no-confidence vote also came as a blow to EU leaders, who are scheduled to meet in Brussels on Thursday to discuss the possibility of North Macedonia joining the European Union. The fact is that Sofia does not recognize the Macedonians as a separate ethnic group, insisting that they are an “offshoot” of the Bulgarians, and the Macedonian language is a dialect of Bulgarian. In this regard, Bulgaria was not happy with the fact that Skopje is going to the EU, and vetoed the negotiations with Brussels. And so, before the no-confidence vote was passed, the opposition GERB announced that it would support the removal of this veto, which, according to the EU, was a “trap” aimed at diverting attention from the main issue – the removal of the government. And now the Bulgarian politicians are not at all up to the Macedonians.

The European Union fears that the issue of negotiations on the membership of North Macedonia in the EU will again drag on, as a result of which the Balkan countries that claim to join the EU will become increasingly disappointed in their “European dreams”, and as a result will fall under the influence of Moscow, which only ” sleeps and sees”, how to take over such countries as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia.

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