The grandson of Mikhail Shufutinsky moved from the USA to Israel and writes banter rap with kvass and caviar on the table

Chansonnier's grandson - Noy Shufutinsky

Chansonnier’s grandson – Noy Shufutinsky

A photo: Video frame

One of the main chansonniers of the post-Soviet space, Mikhail Shufutinsky is respected in all circles. Despite a certain marginality of the thug song genre, he is called on TV, in fashionable duets and even in bold youth YouTube shows.

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that an advanced grandson, also fond of music, grew up with such a grandfather. Nine years ago, a video appeared on Youtube, where the dark-skinned Noah Shufutinsky in an Iron Man T-shirt and baseball cap sings the famous Taganka with his grandfather. Even then it was clear that the boy gravitated towards American culture. His mother was from the USA.

Noah once sang with his grandfather "Taganka"

Once Noah sang “Taganka” with his grandfather

A photo: Video frame

And now the kid has matured, he is 22, and he releases rap music on his own. Noah lives in Israel (where Shufutinsky himself is) and works under the pseudonym Westside Gravy (“Westside sauce” or – a play on words – gravy can be translated as “illegal income”).

Now Noah is 22 years old and self-produces rap music.

Now Noah is 22 years old and self-produces rap music.

A photo: Video frame

A young man with African hair releases videos featuring nesting dolls and reads hip-hop in English, Russian, Spanish and Hebrew, sometimes against the background of kvass, red and black caviar, dumplings with sour cream and pancakes.

It is said that in Israel he fights against the boycott of the country and anti-Semitism. On the hand of Noah (or Noah) is a tattoo: “If I forget you, Jerusalem, let my right hand wither.” The boy’s mother is African-American with Jewish roots. Dad – Anton Shufutinsky, the youngest son of Mikhail Shufutinsky from his wife Margarita, with whom he lived together for 44 years (she left after an illness in 2015). More recently, Noah, who previously lived in the United States (in San Diego, California), immigrated to Israel and settled in Givat Olga, a suburb of Hadera.

The young rapper has two brothers and a sister: 26-year-old Dmitry recently completed his service in the famous IDF infantry brigade “Givati”. Zachary, 13, and Hana, 9, live with their parents in the US. Noah recently received his first academic degree in history and Judaism and speaks some Hebrew.

Mikhail Shufutinsky himself did not deny kinship with Noah and even mentioned him in comments on social networks. And the guy in a recent interview admitted that he communicates with his grandfather in WhatsApp. Now the young rapper is expected to rap version of his grandfather’s hit “The Third of September” – the audience writes comments about this under the musician’s videos.

By the age of 22, Shufutinsky’s grandson managed to release 100 original compositions, which can be found on his Youtube channel and on various streaming platforms. For example, his song Hands Up High has received more than 900,000 plays on the streaming service Spotify.

The musician performed as an opening act for well-known American hip-hop artists Rich The Kid (in Philadelphia) and King Lil G (in Philadelphia and San Diego). He also took part in the tour of ultra-Orthodox rapper Nissim Black.

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