The government plans to automate the system for the provision of social benefits

The government is working on the development of the Unified Register of the Social Sphere to account for each social benefit. It is planned to centralize and automate the processes of establishing, assigning and accruing benefits.

According to Ukrinform, about this in Interfax-Ukraine interview said the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Oksana Zholnovich.

“We are working very closely with the Ministry of Digital Transformation to develop the Unified Register of the Social Sphere. This register will make it possible to very clearly account for every allowance that is not accounted for today. For example, pension payments are absolutely centralized, they can be checked, there is a verification by the Ministry of Finance, which shows that in general there are no big discrepancies that would have a certain negative effect on the budget as a whole. If we talk about benefits, then they are accrued in communities, district departments of social protection or payment centers, then the statements are transferred upward and only paid from the center. So, we plan to centralize the processes of establishing, assigning, accruing benefits, so that it is automated, which, in turn, will free up workers so that they can work with people, provide them with social services, consultations, and not just sit and count money. All this will make it possible to more accurately take into account the funds that we are currently giving for benefits,” Zholnovich said.

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The minister also noted that an audit of existing benefits and benefits is being carried out in parallel to improve their administration.

“Everything that concerns people and their social assistance should be very simple, very transparent and very understandable,” she noted and added that this is not about reducing or canceling individual benefits, but about streamlining them.

“I understand why the audit of benefits is perceived in this way, because there is distrust in the authorities, supposedly if some change is planned, then it is definitely not in favor. But we do not intend to make anyone worse. The purpose of this process is to streamline,” Zholnovich stressed.

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As reported, in the first half of 2022, UAH 153.5 billion was allocated for social payments from the state budget.

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