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How much the government will provide for it in a decisive five weeks, with 27 billion crowns earmarked, Skela added.

Petr Fiala’s cabinet thus announced at a press conference how specifically households with high energy prices. The state should provide people with a 15 and 20 percent discount on the price of electricity and gas, effective from the new heating season.

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Josef Skela, told the press conference that he was not doing well at first. We are in an energy wolf, he stressed. Skela estimates the cost of the state budget for energy aid at between 16 and 24 billion crowns. Energy has been rising since last autumn and is, for example, the pinnacle of the largest alternative supplier, Bohemia Energy.

Minister Skela said on Monday on Czech television that the proposal was needed to support houses that have gas boilers, but also to help entrepreneurs and companies. But he did not provide accurate information. According to Skela, the ministry thinks of households that are connected to heating plants, but here, according to Skely, the path will mainly support the modernization of heating plants.

Households that take heat from heating plants will receive a contribution only for that hundred of energy, for their supplies they have a contract with a private supplier, ie for the saint.

We will set aside 66 billion crowns for the five heating seasons

Stt thus provides assistance to companies and households for the five heating seasons. To set aside 66 billion crowns for n. The basis will be the so-called dispute tariff. I can reimburse the darker households for energy. The government will decide how much the government will provide for it in a week. Today, we approved the legislation, Skela said, adding that renewable energy fees will be repaid.

Skela at the press conference said that the Czech Republic had 2.2 billion cubic meters of gas per day. That corresponds to 66 percent of the total capacity, with this way we would last until January 2023, the minister added.

The reason for the sharp rise in recent months is the rise in wholesale energy prices on the stock exchange, where the supplier buys for his clients. Prices are now rising, for example due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and uncertainties surrounding Russian gas.

Stt will be able to block entry

The Czech Republic will be able to impose national sanctions on individuals and entities committing the so-called unlawful act in an international context that have not yet been included in the European Union’s sanctions list. Approved by the government on the same day. The proposal will now go to Parliament.

For example, the state will be able to prevent you from entering or staying in your country. The draft may also create the first basis for the contracting entity on the EU sanction list at the initiative of the Czech Republic. In the program’s announcement, the cabinet announced a deadline for the so-called Magnitsky Account to better enforce human rights by the end of 2023, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted the government to speed up the preparation of the draft.

Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsk told the newspaper that the Czech Republic would pay attention to entities from Russia and Belarus, which, according to the wolves in Ukraine, were not on the EU’s sanction lists for some reason. The National Sanctions List will manage its ad. According to the minister, the law clearly determines the boundaries of what should be sanctioned.

This is largely due to European legislation, which has a very detailed sanction regime. At the same time, it provides assurance that such sanctions will be in line with the first European Union, he added.

Today, the government also approved a constitutional amendment that could regulate the conditions regarding the sending of troops abroad and the passage of foreign troops through the Czech lands. Today, the government approved the draft bill of the Ministry of Finance, which, with effect from 1 January 2023, raises the limit for mandatory VAT registration from 1 million crowns to 2 million. The condition of the income limit for entering the flat tax regime will double for the first year in a row. The proposal will now be sent to Parliament.

The proposed changes have one common denominator and thus simplifies the tax obligations and reduces the administration for our entrepreneurs. In the program, we promised support for business, less bureaucracy and a user-friendly financial position that punishes mentally circumventing tax, not small breaks. And now we are fulfilling, said the Minister of Finance Zbynk Stanjura.

In the press press conference, Minister Skela changed the fact that the Minister of Fellowship did not hold the government today. We have candidates, and we will select him, so vs we will inform, he added.

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