The Government blocked the entry of a Colombian drug trafficker and Justice analyzes the case

Ignacio Álvarez Meyendorff, during his extradition in 2013 (Photo Agency Télam)
Ignacio Álvarez Meyendorff, during his extradition in 2013 (Photo Agency Télam)

Since Friday the 23rd at the Ezeiza International Airport, the Colombian drug lord has been in custody Ignacio Alvarez Meyendorffwho after having been detained for almost a decade in USA try to enter the Argentina. The National direction of Migration blocks the entrance, but a lawyer for the criminal filed a habeas corpus and now it will be Federal Chamber of La Plata the one that resolves the situation in the next few hours.

Álvarez Meyendorff had previously lived in the country between 2005 and 2013. In 2011 he was arrested when he arrived on a flight from Tahiti at the request of the US justice system in the framework of an investigation for trafficking eight tons of cocaine in submarines. Accused of being a financier of a drug organization, two years later he was extradited to the United States where he was imprisoned until he recently completed his sentence.

Within this framework, Álvarez Meyendorff decided to return to Argentina last Friday, prior to Christmas Eve, but the National Government from the leadership in charge of Florence Carignano canceled his residence blocking his entry into the country. The drug lord’s lawyer is Juan Jose Ribellia former police officer from Buenos Aires who was detained for more than 8 years in the framework of the AMIA case, who appealed the cancellation and filed a writ of habeas corpus that fell in the court of Frederick Villena. The magistrate rejected it, once again preventing the entry of Álvarez Meyendorff, however the lawyer appealed again and the case went to court. Room 1 of the Federal Chamber of La Platawhich is expected to resolve the case in the next few hours.

Among the tricks that Ribelli used to force the entry of the drug trafficker, he revealed to the airport authorities that his client suffers from a health condition associated with diabetes. Migrations managed two medical examinations that ruled out the situation denounced by the lawyer, but one of the doctors suggested giving him a diuretic for peace of mind. As far as he was able to find out infobaeAt the time they went to give him the medication, Álvarez Meyendorff was eating some ribs accompanied by a beer… In the midst of this situation, the Colombian embassy in Argentina pressured Migration to cede and allow the criminal to enter. The situation remains in the hands of the Federal Chamber of La Plata.

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Álvarez Meyendorff had previously lived in the country between 2005 and 2013
Álvarez Meyendorff had previously lived in the country between 2005 and 2013

In Argentina, Álvarez Meyendorff was linked to the drug cause known as Louis XV, started after the seizure of 280 kilos of cocaine in old furniture. In November 2019, Judge Nelson Jarazo, of the Federal Oral Criminal Court No. 2 of La Plata, sentenced 23 of the 27 defendants -among them relatives of Álvarez- for laundering more than 5 million dollars.

The people involved were accused of laundering money from the illicit drug market through the creation of companies, purchase of fields, cattle, cars and properties in luxury towers in Buenos Aires and exclusive gated communities, such as nordelta (tiger) and April (Berazategui). The twenty convicted included the wife, mother, two sons, two daughters-in-law, a brother, a cousin, and a nephew of Álvarez Meyendorff.

All received sentences of five years, except Sebastián and Mauricio Álvarez Sarría, both sons of the drug lord, who received the highest sentence: seven years in effective prison and a fine equivalent to three times the value of what they laundered. The prosecution for asset laundering implied an embargo of their assets estimated at $920 million pesos to the entire family.

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