The girl, whom Pavel Volya called “dolbanko”, is suing him

Glamorous bastard Pavel Volya has been in the Comedy Club since the very start. And from the very first issues, the showman was responsible for the banter – guests, colleagues and even ordinary citizens. For some time now, Pavel has been leading an author’s column, in which he comments on funny things from the Internet. Here in this format hit the air of TNT Balausa Tolegen – a Kazakh girl, activist and feminist, who did not suspect anything about the moment of glory.

Volya used Tolegen’s photo to make fun of “women’s show-offs”. And, it seems, ran into a lawsuit. At least, Balausa, who was sent a fragment of the performance, did not laugh, but was upset – and considered that Pavel should be compensated. At least for illegal use of the image.

“There were a lot of questions about whether my rights were really violated: after all, the photo is in the public domain,” she wrote on social networks. – In the end, it turned out that you can sue. I have already met with a lawyer. Process started.

Obviously, the girl was most offended by the epithet-euphemism “dolbanko” used by the showman.

“There is such a type of female show-off, when she is like that, she is flying, airy, like space,” Volya commented on the photo of Tolegen from social networks. She’s somewhere between a dream and a dork.

Now the activist intends to seek justice, compensation and apologies through the courts – and the word “hype” in relation to such a claim does not bother her at all.


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