The Germans are about to find out that they owe the Poles a coffin of life

This was announced not by a crazy activist, but by a deputy of the Polish Sejm, the head of the parliamentary commission for calculating the amount of damage caused by Germany, Arkadiusz Mulyarchik.

This was announced not by a crazy activist, but by a deputy of the Polish Sejm, the head of the parliamentary commission for calculating the amount of damage caused by Germany, Arkadiusz Mulyarchik.


It happens like this: the situation requires the European Union to demonstrate unprecedented solidarity and unity in the fight against “Putin’s Russia” for “an independent democratic Ukraine”, and then – he is treacherously stabbed in the back. Yes, not an enemy, but one of our own – Poland!

On September 1, Warsaw will announce the amount of reparations that the Germans must pay to the Poles for the damage caused to them during the Second World War. This was announced not by a crazy activist, but by a deputy of the Polish Sejm, the head of the parliamentary commission for calculating the amount of damage caused by Germany, Arkadiusz Mulyarchik. On the same day, he promised, the report on Poland’s losses in World War II, which is now being translated into major foreign languages, will also be presented.

Literally everything here delights: the arrogance of the Poles, their self-confidence and arrogance, proven over the centuries, repeatedly confirmed ingratitude, cunning and claims to be the key power of Europe, which, however, have never been realized over the past centuries.

But let’s start with ingratitude.

It is known that following the results of the Second World War, the territories of eastern Germany along the borders with Poland and two-thirds of Prussia were transferred to Poland (at the initiative of Comrade Stalin). True, in the east, the Poles returned the lands that they held despite international decisions following the results of the First World War. Poland parted with undeveloped agricultural regions, and received industrially advanced German lands, which were quickly settled by Polish farmers. The Poles also received reparations from the Germans – they were paid by the GDR. But in 1953, Poland, like the Soviet Union, abandoned them, because the East Germans were then allies in the socialist camp.

A few years ago, the Poles, stating that they did not recognize the decisions of the leadership of the Polish People’s Republic as legal, for the first time declared that intend to demand from the Germans underpaid, in their opinion, reparations and contributions. The Germans made it clear that they were not even going to talk about it. But the Poles, with admirable tenacity, repeated and repeated their claims against Berlin. After all, what else should not be forgotten: for fifteen years of joining the EU, for 2019, Poland received from it, after deducting all its contributions, 110 billion euros, more than any of the newcomers to the union. It is clear to everyone that at least a third of this amount came from Germany, which was the economic engine of a united Europe. But this, according to the Poles, is completely different …

By the way, the Poles also wanted to get from Russia, as the heir of the Soviet Union … reparations for World War II. This was stated in all seriousness last year by Deputy Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sports Yaroslav Sellin. There is simply nothing to say here. 650 thousand Soviet soldiers who gave their lives for the liberation of Poland are no longer taken into account? Judging by the passion with which the Poles have recently destroyed their graves and monuments in their honor, that is exactly what happened. But this is not about ingratitude, but about outright arrogance.

Now about self-confidence and arrogance. The current Polish authorities have legally banned, providing for criminal punishment, any mention of the cooperation of the Poles during the war years with the Nazis and their participation in the Holocaust. It wasn’t there, that’s all! But after all, all this was … And the Hitler-Pilsudski pact in 1934. And participation in the destruction of Czechoslovakia in 1938. And the Jewish pogrom committed by the Poles in the village of Jedwabne in 1941. European researchers claim that during the Second World War, over 700 thousand citizens of pre-war Poland served in the Wehrmacht, including about 500 thousand ethnic Poles. Should such historians be judged? Indeed, according to their calculations, about the same number of Poles died for Hitler in that war as those who fought against him – 108 thousand.

Well, about deceit and claims to the role of the leader of Europe. There is also a lot to talk about here. Let’s confine ourselves to recent events. The fact that Poland is the most effective instrument of American influence on Europe is known to all, and the Poles themselves do not hide this, and are even proud that they have their own long-standing romance with Washington. What difficulties the European Union is now facing is also no secret. Germany has long and deservedly played the role of one of the key EU countries, being its economic backbone. And at the very moment when Berlin is puzzling over how to solve the gas problem and leave the Germans the opportunity to wash at least once a day, Warsaw rolls out its report on how much Germany should pay Poland for sins against it seventy years ago. Moreover, the determination of the Poles is adamant: “We cannot retreat, we cannot be soft. We cannot give to others and not demand anything in return, simply because it always ends badly, ”Jaroslav Kaczynski, head of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, said the other day.

Who did not guess right away, we will explain. Poland is the true leader of Europe, it is she who stands up for common European interests and values, only she helps Ukraine like no other. And doesn’t she have every right to cut off the fat from Germany, which has shown indecision and opportunism in front of the Russians? Let her remember that she owes the Poles! While for the Second World War, and there, you see, it will come out in life …

The Poles, by the way, are far from the first to dream of underpaid reparations for World War II. The Greeks, not so long ago, also spoke about their desire to shell out the Germans for the war. But the Greeks really resisted the Nazis, which cannot be said about the Poles. As well as about the Balts – they just distinguished themselves by cooperation with Hitler, and they demand indemnities and reparations from Russia – for the “Soviet occupations”. And it is among the Baltic states that for the last thirty years they have selflessly calculated how much the Russians owe them. Lithuanians, for example, claim 800 billion dollars. For comparison: the total damage to the Soviet Union from fascist devastation and robberies in current prices is, according to various estimates, from three to ten trillion.

So, on September 1, we will find out how much Germany owes Poland. But no, no, there is no question of any collapse of the European Union! It just needs a change of leadership. Representatives of old Europe are clearly not coping. But the Young Europeans, led by Poland, as soon as they take power into their strong hands, swindle from the “old men”, what they are supposed to, everything will work out there. And certainly then Ukraine will succeed, and Russia will not do well.

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