The German Ministry of Finance called for the abandonment of gas in the production of electricity

Head of the German Ministry of Finance Christian Lindner urged to stop using gas electricity generation. The German minister also drew attention to the threat of a crisis in this area.

“It is no longer possible to get electricity from gas,” the head of the department emphasized, reports Bild am Sonntag*.

The official suggested continuing to use safe nuclear power plants in Germany until 2024. According to the politician, the operation of such power plants does not harm the environment.

At the same time, Lindner spoke about how he conserves resources. The minister said that he turns on air conditioners in the office only in economy mode.

Previously, it was reported that the average monthly cost blue fuel in the European market in July increased by almost 50%.

* in Russia, access to the portal of the Bild publication is limited at the request of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation dated March 26, 2022. Article 15.3 of Federal Law No. 149 became the basis for entering into the register of prohibited sites.

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