The German government has declared a state of alert due to gas supply, the household will not be affected yet | Business

The new measures will not be affected by the new measures, but the real prices will not be affected. However, the government is going to spend more on the full stock, according to Habeck, the government has released an additional 15 billion euros (371 billion CZK) to buy gas.

The security of gas storage is for the time being, but gas is becoming a scarce raw material in Germany, Habeck said of the reasons for Germany to move from the level of warning to the level of warning. The level of your warning government was declared in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the expected problems with gas supplies from Russia.

According to Habeck, it is necessary to look for disputes in gas consumption. Not only the industrial customer but also households can help. Households can adjust and adjust the hydraulic output of the heating system. Such steps may sound banal and monetal, but in the case of 41 million German households can mean a fundamental difference, the minister said about consumption disputes.

The Ministry of Economy is now working on an auction model of gas disputes, where the industry could buy this raw material, and would also receive rewards if it did not use gas.

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