The General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces explained who will be called up for partial mobilization

As part of the partial mobilization, at the moment, the first thing they call for is shooters, tankers, driver-mechanics, artillerymen.

This was announced by the representative of the Main Organizational and Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Rear Admiral Vladimir Tsimlyansky.

He noted that one of the main factors is the availability of combat experience. There will also call categories of citizens RF, which are needed to perform certain tasks.

Tsimlyansky said that there is no order of conscription of Russians who are in reserve. Priority is given to citizens who have suitable military specialties.

The number of conscripted fighters is determined by the regular needs of the completed units, the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces specified.

“One of the main factors is that citizens called up from the reserve have combat experience,” the rear admiral summed up.

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