The general director of the Ural plant explained the delay in payments to workers as a “special operation” | News from Germany about Russia | DW

General Director of the Ural Compressor Plant in Yekaterinburg Denis Tasakov explained the non-payment of salaries to the striking workers “special operation” in Ukraine, reports EAN local portal on Thursday, June 23rd.

According to Tasakov, “many enterprises” with which the plant cooperated fell under sanctions, because of which their money hung in banks. Companies faced non-payments on export contracts and the consequences of changes in the ruble exchange rate, he explained. “Accordingly, these enterprises do not pay us. We are small and were the last in this chain,” Tasakova was quoted as saying by EAN.

“I would like people to change their minds. I don’t want to apologize to anyone, because everyone should understand the situation. this, it seems to me, is more important. And now everyone has become so smart, we have strikes!” Tasakov said.

Workers have not been paid their salaries since January

According to Tasakov, the plant partially did not pay salaries for April and May. The general director promised that on June 23 workers will receive payments for April, while those who are not on strike will be given the full amount. According to him, 50 people out of 370 employees of the plant are participating in the strikes.

The strike of employees of the Ural Compressor Plant began in early June. “We refused to go to work until we paid the entire salary arrears. Delays began in January 2022, after the change of shareholders, the plant itself is already falling apart,” he said. edition E1 factory worker.

On June 22, the Investigative Committee initiated criminal case for non-payment of salaries. According to investigators, more than 300 workers have not been paid money since April, and the total debt amounted to more than 20 million rubles.

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