The funeral of Yuri Shatunov: it became known where the farewell to the soloist of “Tender May” will take place

The website has learned where the funeral and farewell to Yuri Shatunov can take place

The website has learned where the funeral and farewell to Yuri Shatunov can take place

A photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA

On the night of June 23 in the Moscow region from heart attack Yuri Shatunov died, the soloist of the group “Tender May” was 48 years old. That evening he was relaxing with friends, he felt not good. He was taken to the hospital, but despite the efforts of doctors, the musician died. The site became aware of where the funeral and farewell to Yuri Shatunov could take place.

“The question of the place and time of the funeral has not yet been resolved,” he told a correspondent. pr-manager of the artist Arkady Kudryashov. – Presumably it will Troekurovskoye cemetery.

The Troekurovskoye cemetery is known for the fact that for several decades now, not ordinary people have been buried here, but those who have been awarded awards and honorary titles for any merits.

An alley of actors is located at the Troekurovsky cemetery: here you can find the graves of Lyubov Polishchuk, Natalya Gundareva, Valentina Tolkunova, Marina Golub, Vladislav Galkin, Boris Klyuev and many others.

Well-known cosmonauts are also buried here (Georgy Grechko, flight engineer of the Soyuz T-14 spacecraft and the Salyut-7 orbital station, for example), politicians (Boris Nemtsov), journalists (Anna Politkovskaya) and musicians (rock singer and composer Alexander Barykin)

Whether Yuri Shatunov will join them, time will tell.


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