the French will launch three energy projects in Angola

The French company TotalEnergies has announced energy projects in Angola. The corporation intends to launch oil and gas fieldsand also embark on the first photovoltaic project in the country.

According to the information, we are talking about the launch of work:

  • at the Begonia oil field,
  • in the Quiluma and Maboqueiro gas fields,
  • launch of the Quilemba photovoltaic plant.

“A final investment decision was made on the Begonia project in block 17/06, after commissioning at the end of 2024, production is expected to increase by 30 thousand bpd. The company estimated investments in the project at $ 850 million,” the release says. companies

For the Quilemba plant, the company plans to launch with an initial capacity of 35 MW of photovoltaic capacity, with the possibility of adding 45 MW in the second phase.

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