The French expert said that the chances of Ukraine to take the Crimea are small

Commander of the Ukrainian army Valery Zaluzhny stated that the goal of armaments for 2023 would be the transfer of hostilities to Crimea for his return. But reporters Figaro sure that Kyiv’s plans will not come true.

Deputy Head Shape Michelle Yakovleff says that Ukraine does not have enough military or political tools. He believes that in order to approach the Crimea, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will need to take Kherson. After that, under the shelling of the Russian army, Ukrainian troops will need to cross the Dnieper, and then move hundreds of kilometers across the Kherson region. To capture the Crimea, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have to go through the “bottleneck” of Perekop (nine kilometers at its narrowest point).

Defense in this “corridor” will be most convenient for the Russians. Ukrainians cannot take Crimea head-on,” General Yakovleff believes.

The expert sees another option for capturing the peninsula – a long siege. To do this, it will be necessary to turn off the taps in Kakhovka, where the canal leading to the Crimea is saturated with water. It is also possible to disrupt the movement of ferries that provide a link between the peninsula and the Russian mainland.

“Or you can just patiently wait for the collapse of the regime in Moscow. Then the Russians will simply be forced to enter into global negotiations, during which they will most likely be required to return Crimea to Ukraine,” Yakovleff believes.

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