the flight of others has a bad effect on those who go to serve

According to the deputy of the State Duma Konstantin Zatulinthe Russian authorities should close the borders immediately after the announcement in the country partial mobilization.

The parliamentarian called the exodus of men of military age from Russia a “shame”. Zatulin believes that this negatively affects the motivation of those who are now going to serve, because it is really strange that some will defend their homeland with a machine gun in their hands, while others are “leaving the country” at this very moment.

“Here it is necessary to understand that at the time of mobilization, even if partial, open borders and the shame that is associated with the flight of hundreds of thousands of persons subject to conscription is not a matter of claims against the fleeing themselves, but directly a matter of motivation of those who are currently At the moment, he goes to serve and stands in line at the military registration and enlistment office, because they see that people of the same draft age as them, using money or connections, are dumping out of the country,” Zatulin said in an interview with NEWS. ru.

In this regard, the deputy called on the authorities of the Russian Federation close borderspreventing men from leaving the country freely.

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