The first Russian soldier accused in court of raping and inculcerating his husband Svt

Romanov is blamed for the fact that the 9th day in the village of Bohdanivka near Kiev repeatedly intensified the thirty-year-old woman’s sweat, which together with another Russian army shot her husband Oleksije. The two soldiers then left first, but then fought twice to rape the woman, according to the court file.

The integrity of the second soldier could not be ascertained. The Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet responded to enough Reuters by the week, the defendant soldier could not be caught. Moscow has repeatedly been ashes that ruthless soldiers in Ukraine would commit crimes.

It is not clear how Romanov will be represented in court for 22 years. Prosecutor Oksana Kaljusov said that the trial would take place behind two closed parties, as she wanted to avoid public detail about herself and her family, after the alleged preliminary hearing at the Kiev court.

Server Jellyfish, who described the stratum in Bohdanivka, stated that Romanov came from the town of Plast u eljabinska in the Urals. With his wife and child he went to Ebarkula, where they are the crew of the unit of the 90th tank division.

In one of her regiments, he serves to form a contract with the army. The division was withdrawn from Kiev and re-deployed to fight in Donbas at the entrance of Ukraine. The newspaper did not find accurate information about Romanov in open sources.

Ukraine hopes in Zadren in another country

According to Kalyusov, the Ukrainian council believes that Romanov is in Russia. And while there is no load, he could be detained in another country and before Ukraine, if he is found guilty, said the state.

A prosecutor working on the sexual violence cases told Reuters that he had investigated more than a dozen such cases, but that the actual number of forces rushed by Russian troops after the 24th-century invasion of Ukraine would probably be much more.

As of June 3, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) registered 124 allegations of sexual violence related to the conflict – 97 of them were involved, two, 19 men, seven boys and in one case no sex was determined. This case continues,

According to the ad, activists and fighters do not want to turn to the police and the prosecutor’s office. Fear Russian revenge and the fact that they will be marked in the neighbors.

Ukraine claims to print thousands of monch vlench crimes spchanch in 120 days by wolves. Attorney General Iryna Venediktovov said that many of the suspects were in Russia, but some had fallen into a Ukrainian prison.

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