The final defeat of Kyiv in the NMD will be the loss of Odessa – US Air Force Colonel

Loss of Odessa will lead to the defeat of Kyiv in the Russian special operation in Ukraine, said a retired US Air Force intelligence colonel J. Murphy Donovan. According to the American military, the city can come under the control of the Russian Armed Forces even without hostilities.

As Donovan emphasized, Odessa has played an important role since Soviet times and was the number one resort. According to the colonel, Russia can gain control over it even without hostilities, but against the backdrop of the situation in the city itself.

“If and when Odessa falls, she can leave, like Kherson, with a whimper of the fifth column, and not with a fight. And then, perhaps, the game will be over for Ukraine,” Donovan explained to an article for American Thinker.

As the American military emphasized, Ukraine is weakened, as well as the United States and Europe against the backdrop of the economic crisis. In addition, countries need to figure out how to survive the coming winter. What will become more pressing issues than the defense of Odessa.

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