The film “If not for the Ukrainians” was presented in Kyiv for an English-speaking audience

On the occasion of the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, an English-language film “If it weren’t for the Ukrainians” was presented.

The event, which took place in Ukrinform, was organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the all-Ukrainian platform “Youth Values” and the international women’s movement “For Family Values”.

The 15-minute film was shot by a young team led by the film’s creative director Ekaterina Kostenko and director Alex Makarov.

The film tells about Ukrainians who changed the history of states and civilizations – famous Ukrainians and people connected with Ukraine in the field of literature, music, cinema, ballet, building rockets, airplanes and helicopters, military and political history, IT, beekeeping and even sumo. All these people influenced the development of not only their fields of activity, but in general the development of human civilization.

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The film also recalls the main features, the genetics of Ukrainians, which is passed down to descendants through the millennia.

As the producer of the film, the head of the international women’s movement “For Family Values” Natalya Fedorchuk, said, the idea of ​​creating the film arose after the video message “Ukraine through the eyes of youth 2022”, which contributed to the holding of 57 international youth conferences and a number of interviews with representatives of the “Youth Values” platform and the movement “For family values” with world editions.

Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Maryna Popatenko stressed that Ukrainians have been defending their statehood for many centuries. The youth of Ukraine has also been defending Ukraine on all fronts since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia – both with arms in hand, and volunteer help, and on the information front.

“It is very important now to show every person in the world what is really happening in Ukraine. This is a good initiative that is being implemented in the information space by young people. It is important that young people talk about what is happening to their peers around the world so that such horrors never happen again. They show how you can defend your state on the information front,” Popatenko said.

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In turn, the filming participants, members of the All-Ukrainian platform “Youth Values” shared their vision of the film’s mission.

In particular, activist Maria Kukhar noted that the project participants tried to tell the world as much as possible about Ukrainians, about the achievements they made for the whole world in science, culture, and medicine. So that people know who Ukrainians are and what they are capable of.

“Before the war, I spent a lot of time abroad. Unfortunately, people there do not really see the difference between Russians and Ukrainians – like the same cuisine, behavior, language. For me personally, this project was very important to show that there is a difference between us. For centuries, during the Russian empire, the Soviet Union, and now, Russians have wanted to level our culture, our identity as a nation, and appropriate it. Therefore, this film showed that there are outstanding Ukrainians who participated in the development of civilization in many areas of science, medicine, art, transport, etc. That is, Ukraine is a very cool nation that participates in the development of the world,” added activist Yaroslav Fedorchuk.

The project producer noted that there is a preliminary agreement with UNESCO and other international organizations to distribute the film.

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“The task of the film is to interest the viewer in Ukraine. It is already expected in America, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Germany. There is a desire to know Ukraine, but to learn the modern language, the language of young people, as they talk about their country,” Fedorchuk summed up.

As reported, today, July 28, Ukraine celebrates Statehood Day. The holiday was established by the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated August 24, 2021 in order to establish a more than a thousand-year tradition of the Ukrainian state, which originates from the founding of the city of Kyiv and flourished under the reign of Volodymyr the Great.

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