The fighters who knocked out the American “Bradley” in Ukraine are promised to get rich

“Bradley” in the NWO has already become a target number 1

News that US with NATO allies is going to hand over to the Kyiv regime 50 BMP Bradley (“Bradley”) have already been heard by many. So far, the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have these armored vehicles, but if they appear, then not every Ukrainian nationalist will want to stand next to them.

The point is not even that the Ukrainian commanders often welded the hatches of military equipment by welding so that the crew would not run away in the offensive, but that the Bradley in the NMD had already become the No. 1 target.

Bradley “- my … You meet – do not touch him– the fighters in the NWO joke with each other with the famous intonation of the hero of the movie “White Sun of the Desert” Said.

Bradley is mine... If you meet him, don't touch him

Bradley is mine… If you meet him, don’t touch him

If, according to the price list of the Ministry of Defense, a fighter who has knocked out any enemy infantry fighting vehicle receives 50 thousand rubles, then a knocked out Bradley can bring much more!

The stakes are rising every day. It turned out, Russian entrepreneurs announced an “auction” and are ready to literally make rich the fighter who will be the first to burn the US infantry fighting vehicle. In addition to money, they also attach a list of material assets – it has already been published on the network and now has more than 60 positions!

Among the “gifts” public figures, businessmen and communities promise to give a well-aimed fighter: a Mavic 3 drone, a Venox thermal imager, a folding potbelly stove, a light and powerful body armor, various upgrades for weapons, the warmest sleeping bag, radio stations, an action camera, an earless armored helmet … Without “Finnish NKVD” did not work out here either.

From the original: they promise to hand over the Bradley 1:35 mock-up with the call sign of the hunter on the whole board and the Counter rifle.

Rifle manufacturer “Counter” founder of Lobaev Arms Vladislav Lobaev put forward a condition: the latest high-precision sniper weapon (LAR-10) with the inscription “For Bradley!” will go to the first fighter who will film the liquidation of Bradley on video or photo and post it in Telegram.

“If the liquidator of the first Bradley hearse does not have a license for long-barreled firearms, the rifle will be handed over to his unit,” Lobaev said.

The Americans call their “Bradleys”, which are equipped with anti-tank missiles, “tank killers”. But now for every such “killer” there are “Bradley hunters.”

Recall that we have experience: since the beginning of the special operation, our fighters have destroyed (according to the RF Ministry of Defense) 7,465 Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles.


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