The fight against cancer continues in Motol. The Klov Oncology Center should be established by 2026 Home

The center has a health center in the city of its concentration center. Last year, the Czech Oncological Society (OS) and MP and day Minister of Health Vlastimil Vlek (TOP 09) criticized the construction of the so-called oncocentre in the Vinohrady hospital.

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As Jan Prausov, the chairwoman of the OS, recalled, the main criticism was the idea of ​​centralizing oncological work, which the institute was supposed to concentrate. The center and its establishment should have been associated with the fact that other centers in Prague will also disappear. Thus, it takes a long time to build and high quality, which will cover the Czech Republic so that it is suitable for all patients at the same level of quality, l Prausov.

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