The fate of the young stars of Soviet cinema: Pinocchio sat in the director’s chair, and Sanka the thief became a programmer

Pinocchio was loved by the whole country.  Photo: Frame from the film

Pinocchio was loved by the whole country. Photo: Frame from the film

They managed to go through thousands of auditions, get the coveted roles that made them famous. Many dream of such a fate. But what happens to child actors after filming ends? About what happened to Alexei Fomkin, the Torsuev brothers, Fedya Stukov, we have written more than once. Now let’s talk about the fate of other matured actors.

Dima Iosifov contacted “Saboteurs”

Dima Iosifov, who played Pinocchio, is already 56 years old. But just look at his eyes, you will immediately know: this is the same wooden boy! Although at first a charming nine-year-old guy auditioned for the role of Harlequin. They even made him a suit with bells. But then the commission, having not found a suitable contender for Pinocchio, approved him for the main role.

After the high-profile premiere of the film, the talent of the young actor was also in demand. Dima began to be invited to a variety of paintings. He played roles in the films “About Little Red Riding Hood”, “Sold Laughter”, “Captain Lie-Head” … After graduating from school, Iosifov entered VGIK, where he studied with Alexei Batalov. Along with acting, Dima also comprehended directing.

Dmitry Iosifov.

Dmitry Iosifov.


– I liked studio smells. You enter from the usual corridor through heavy doors, and there, in the light of duty lamps, there is Malvina’s meadow, a closet with spiders, Papa Carlo’s closet, behind the door of which there is a two-meter wooden clock mechanism, and all this was spinning, moving, working … That’s when I fell in love in the process of making a movie! It was so unlike my whole previous life, – Dmitry recalled in an interview.

By the way, Iosifov received very decent money for his work. Leonid Nechaev knocked out a personal rate for him – 600 rubles for the entire filming period. Plus staged – 600 rubles. By the way, it was the largest amount in the group.

The director’s path seemed to Iosifov more attractive, although Dmitry Vladimirovich is still in the acting cage. The last picture with his participation came out a year ago. Iosifov himself has already shot 10 films, among them: “Deadly Force”, “Saboteur. Crimea”, “Ekaterina. Rise”, “Elizabeth”. Dmitry has three children, the eldest of whom, Andrei, is 35 years old, and he is also associated with cinema.

Peppilotta – talent from the gateway

In the USSR, every child dreamed of being like Pippi Longstocking. She traveled all over the world, and she had a horse, a sea of ​​​​fantasies and real freedom! In 1984, Svetlana Stupak, who played the role of a mischievous girl, became a star. But it turned out that further fate prepared only trials for her.

Everyone wants to be like Pippi Longstocking.  Photo: Frame from the film

Everyone wants to be like Pippi Longstocking. Photo: Frame from the film

From the age of 8, Sveta was fond of acrobatics and attended a circus studio at the House of Culture. It was there that the assistant director noticed her. However, the commission did not immediately discern Peppilotta in her. Stupak was already 13, while in Astrid Lindgren’s book Pippi was only 9. But on the tests, the girl fell in love with the whole group! Energy beat out of her over the edge, she walked the wheel, jumped and did exactly what was required of her.

“Sveta is a desperate, restless ringleader. Where do these come from? From the gate! Mother is at work all day, father is not. From morning to night, she hangs out in the yard, she is a rare guest at school, the diary is littered with stakes and deuces, ”director Margarita Mikaelyan told about the actress.

Svetlana Stupak.

Svetlana Stupak.


Later in the filmography of Stupak there were two more pictures – “I’m responsible for you” and “The right to love.” And that’s it. In the 90s, she was offered to play prostitutes, girlfriends of bandits, but she was not interested. From lack of money, hopelessness, Svetlana began to apply to the bottle. In addition, her family lived with her brother’s family, and this did not make her life better and calmer. And even the bandits tried to take away this corner from her. Began endless trials, hassle. They say that this completely undermined Stupak’s health, and in 2018 Pippi died.

“The Thief” moved to America

Little Misha was even awarded a

Little Misha was even awarded a “Children’s Oscar” – Young Artist Awards. Photo: Frame from the film

After filming in the film “The Thief” with Vladimir Mashkov, Misha Filipchuk, who played the main role, seemed to be waiting for a brilliant film career. He was even awarded the “Children’s Oscar” – Young Artist Awards. Indeed, he was invited to shoot four times, and he accepted offers. But Filipchuk did not want to connect his life with cinema.

Mikhail Philipchuk.

Mikhail Philipchuk.

A photo:

Mikhail graduated from school with a gold medal, then entered the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology at the Faculty of General and Applied Physics. After receiving a diploma, Misha became a business consultant, and then decided to move to the United States. He lives and works as a software engineer in San Francisco. Filipchuk is 33 years old. He travels, lives a different life and doesn’t really like it when his acting career is mentioned.

“Sister” wrote a novel

The film

The film “Sisters” has already celebrated more than one anniversary. Photo: Frame from the film

The film “Sisters”, shot by Sergei Bodrov Jr., celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. Two charming girls played in this picture – Oksana Akinshina and Ekaterina Gorina. Oksana became a famous actress, but Katya, as they say in such cases, disappeared from the radar of moviegoers. On June 24, “sister” Akinshina celebrated her 30th birthday.

Ekaterina Gorina.

Ekaterina Gorina.

Then, in 2001, Ekaterina Gorina lived near Lenfilm and, in principle, could have played in some other film much earlier. However, the acting path did not attract her at all. Katya got into the cinema at the insistence of her grandmother. The casting of young actresses was conducted by Sergei Bodrov himself. Katya was traveling with her grandmother from the dacha, and she persuaded her to come in and try. Bodrov, who looked at 300 (!) Girls a day, made a choice in her favor. But the shooting could not take place: the obstinate Katya named someone else’s data, and the director’s assistants had to work hard to find her. In her acting career, Gorina had several more episodic roles. But she did not want to become an actress. Katya began to study Hebrew and Arabic philology. She also worked as a waitress in a cafe, where many recognized her, was engaged in journalism and writing. And she even released Aeronautical Park, a novel about competition, love, journalism and cinema against the backdrop of blooming Moscow zero. Recently, Katya flashed in the clip “90” of the singer Monetochka.

Different fate of Denisov

Deniska Korablev from

Deniska Korablev from “Secret to the Whole World” made Vladimir Stankevich truly famous. Photo: Frame from the film

Truly famous Vladimir Stankevich was made by the picture “In Secret to the Whole World”, where he played Denis Korablev. The boy began acting at the age of six.

Vladimir Vladimirovich was born in Minsk, in the writer’s family. Now he is 56 years old.

Stankevich was a creative person from childhood. From the age of five he wrote poetry, performed in concerts, at competitions. Deniska Korablev is not the only film role. There were also films: “We are tenacious boys”, “Scarlet shoulder straps”, “The fate of a drummer”, “Conscripts”, “Garden”.

Vladimir Stankevich.

Vladimir Stankevich.

A photo:

Before the collapse of the film industry of the Soviet Union, the actor’s creative baggage had a little less than three dozen roles.

Volodya received two higher educations – he graduated from foreign language and theater. In the 90s, when there was almost no filming, he began to perform on the stage and became interested in music. Stankevich even got his own group. Today, Deniska has an even wider range of interests: he is a showman, songwriter, director and actor. Vladimir produces the singer Angelica Yutt, with whom he has been married for more than two decades. The couple have an adult daughter. Alas, she is not connected with creativity, she works with real estate. The artist also has a son from his first marriage.

Deniska Korablev from the painting

Deniska Korablev from the painting “Where it is seen, where it is heard”. Photo: Frame from the film

But the life of Sergei Krupenikov, who also played Denis Korablev, but already in the film “Where is it seen, where is it heard”, was cut short in its prime. Krupenikov also played in the film “The Magic Voice of Gelsomino” and in several others, and then decided to leave the cinema. He graduated from the Institute of Technology, got married. A son was born in the marriage. Sergei founded his own company and seemed to be absolutely happy. Killed his passion for bicycles. He spent a lot of money and time on two-wheeled iron horses. Once I went for a bike ride at dusk. A motorcyclist suddenly appeared on the road and crashed into Krupenikov. Likhach fled, but Sergei could not be saved.

Sergey Krupenikov.

Sergey Krupenikov.


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