The famous presenter broke the silence and revealed the truth about the expulsion of Ivan Urgant

Broadcast "Evening Urgant" still not aired

The program “Evening Urgant” has not yet been aired

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Presenter Vyacheslav Manucharov has recently often spoken out against star colleagues in show business. As you know, the artist supported the Russian special operation in Ukraine. And some time ago, he suddenly turned to Ivan Urgant.

Vyacheslav Manucharov decided to speak about Ivan Urgant. The showman speculated why the transfer “Evening Urgant” still not aired. He believes that the show too often showed foreign agents and people far from Russian culture.

Ivan Andreevich, you can complain coquettishly about being expelled from the federal airwaves as much as you like, but if it weren’t for the complete unanimity of the people on the issue of attitudes towards stars like you … then your wonderful program would have been on the air grid for a long time … In general, a rare program on Motherland television boasts as many foreign agents on the air as yours. We worked hard!” – said Vyacheslav Manucharov.

After that he reproached Urgant for being too often invited to host “banquets, awards and corporate parties”. And he noted that behind all this brilliance, Urgant probably forgot that “Russia is not crazy Moscow hipsters like Gudkov and Botox-pierced ladies with bags for 1.5 million rubles, who think only in terms of personal comfort, and certainly do not care historical perspective of their homeland.

As Vyacheslav noted, Russia has always been famous for its patriots. “They don’t watch the ‘fashionable’ bloggers you used to invite to your studio, they don’t listen to the ‘hype’ artists like Dani Milokhin who sang on your program to your applause, and they don’t laugh at the ‘witty’ parodies of your creative team member Gudkov Although, I suspect, you have always sincerely laughed at his “masterpieces” like the recent “I am narrow,” Manucharov says.

In his opinion, patriotic Russians like it when the country is loved. “Respect its traditions, faith and culture, and do not laugh at all this for the sake of a warm place, hype and dough. That is why people do not want to see you on TV, not evil officials or insidious envious people, to which you probably include me, but people. The people of our country do not want to see you on the main channel of the country. You have become an alien element that has rejected herd immunity. I understand that after so many years in the sky it is difficult to understand and accept,” the artist summed up.


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