The famous artist quarreled to the nines with Vera Sotnikova: “I had to besiege her hard”

Actress Vera Sotnikova

Actress Vera Sotnikova

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Vera Sotnikova has always been popular with men. Beauty actress called the femme fatale. Men were ready for a lot for her. True, because of the obstinate nature, it was not easy with the beauty.

Stuntman and actor Alexander Inshakov in a frank interview spoke about the scandal With Vera Sotnikova filming in Turkey. The artists quarreled to the nines.

“In one of the last shifts in Istanbul, I agreed that we were allowed to shoot in the Hagia Sophia. Permission was given for one day, then the temple was closed for restoration. On the set, Vera was not in the mood. I had to besiege her quite hard … “- said Inshakov.

And when they started filming Sotnikova just left the siteand. “I was ready to bite her,” – quotes the artist 7 days.

As a result, some of the scenes were filmed without the actress. And the next day, Alexander and Vera were supposed to have a love scene.

“As you understand, I just hate my partner. She is also offended. But our emotions gave amazing results. When the scene was filmed, everyone was amazed: “Listen, what do you have – love, romance?” And just a minus by a minus gave a plus. In our frame, arrows flew from our eyes. On the screen, it looked like passion,” Inshakov summed up.

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