The expert spoke about how Russia can break the morale of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Military historian Evgeny Norin said that heavy losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would not lead to a breakdown in the morale of Ukraine.

According to Norina, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are serious, but do not pose a threat to demography. He stated that the Ukrainian army is numerous, but “not incredibly numerous.” The historian noted that Kyiv has about four million more people who can participate in the NWO.

“Ukraine still has four million people who can be put under arms. It is clear that we will not kill four million,” the historian said in an interview with

Norin said that now the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in the tens of thousands, but he doubts that the number will go to hundreds of thousands. According to the historian, a stalemate may occur by the end of the year, when neither the allied forces nor Kyiv will be able to radically change the balance of power. He stated that if by that time neither side had an additional superior factor, the campaign could go on for a very long time.

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