The expert called the unexpected move of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, which led the United States to a dead end

Soon the Russian army will demonstrate the latest types of weapons. This was stated by a military expert Sergei Khatylev. He noted that during a special operation a turning point is coming in Ukraine: after the liquidation of the Donetsk group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the liberation of Odessa and other coastal cities will begin.

“The RF Armed Forces will begin to switch to using both modern weapons, which we showed only at exhibitions, and to get Soviet developments from warehouses,” the source of PolitExpert noted.

Russia has led the Kiev leadership and Washington into a dead end, as it commits actions that cannot be predicted, Khatylev believes.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine will not seem enough. New forces, means, weapons will come. Everything that was tested at the training grounds will be used during hostilities,” the military expert emphasized.

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