The experience of grandfathers-heroes saved Russia from repeating 1941: Western attacks

Russia was ahead of the West and did not give attack possibilities on its territory, because it had the experience of the Great Patriotic War. Experts talk about analogies and the country’s historical experience.

Deputy Director of the Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences for Research, Doctor of Historical Sciences Sergei Zhuravlev reminded URA. EN that today unfolded in Ukraine struggle between the collective West and the Russian Federation.

All the analogies that come to mind are appropriate here, since in economic and military-political terms, all of Europe and the rest of the US satellites got involved in this confrontation. And during the Great Patriotic War, the situation was the same.

Russia just had to wait until Ukraine was stuffed to the limit with Western weapons and nuclear warheads were issued.

The Russian authorities decided to start a special operation, remembering the tragedy of June 1941

This should not have happened again. In addition, Donbass has been bombed for eight years.

Member of the Association of Historians of the Union State, expert of the Russian Military Historical Society (RVIO) Alexander Makushin also spoke in the vein that then the Soviet Union, and now Russia, is fighting the West, which supplies deadly weapons to the border of our country.

  • The USSR fought not only with Germany, but also with the Czechs, Slovaks and Romanians. France today supplies its weapons to Ukraine. History repeats itself, but forgetting its lessons is similar to death.

The United States and its allies did not want to reckon with Russia’s requests not to cross the red lines. The story with Ukraine is a clear example of the fact that there is nothing and no need to negotiate with the American partners (in the first place). The original postulate about “Russia in any form” as an enemy has not disappeared.

Russia’s reaction is a direct consequence of the events of the Great Patriotic War. It was Europe that was told about this, but no one heard us, the expert shared.

  • The fact that Russia could become the target of NATO attack is already being voiced by Western countries without hesitation. Former head of the National Security Directorate of Poland, General Stanislav Kozei recently called on the Polish army and NATO to intervene in the conflict in Ukraine – to start shooting down Russian missiles, to threaten Moscow with a nuclear strike, and already now to actively prepare for the upcoming war with Russia.

So the Kremlin simply did not consider it necessary to sit and wait for the next deadly blow to its lands.

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