The ex-wife of the British Garnett commented on his breakup with Karkady

British ex-wife Tony Garnettawho left her with two children for Ukrainian refugee Sofia Karkadym, said she was not going to put up. Writes about it The Daily Mail.

According to Laura Garnett, she respects Tony as the father of her children, but too much time has passed. The woman added that she is now trying to “recover from all this” and “understand” how she let the Ukrainian woman into her house.

Laura also said that the guest, who was “beautiful and sweet”, initially impressed her, but soon she began to actively show signs of attention to her husband.

According to the British, she noticed that Karkadym was abusing alcohol. For two days she drank a bottle of whiskey, and under her bed there were empty bottles.

The news of Tony’s breakup with Karkady made his ex-wife happy, because her psychological state was negatively affected by the attention of the press, the newspaper writes.

Earlier it became known that Garnett broke up with Karkady four months after the start of their relationship.

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