The European Council expressed its firm support to Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression

The European Council expressed its strong support for Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion and its readiness to continue financial, economic, humanitarian and military assistance.

According to Ukrinform, this is stated in the resolution of the EU summit on June 23 on Ukraine, published on the website of the European Council.

“The European Council discussed the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine in different dimensions. The European Council reaffirmed that it stands firmly by Ukraine’s side, and that the European Union will continue to provide strong support for the overall economic, military, social and financial stability of Ukraine, including humanitarian assistance,” the document says.

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The EU leaders in the adopted document strongly condemned Russia’s indiscriminate attacks against the civilian population and civilian infrastructure and called on Russia to immediately and unconditionally withdraw all its forces and military equipment from all of Ukraine’s territory within its internationally recognized borders.

“International humanitarian law, including the treatment of prisoners of war, must be respected. Ukrainians, especially children taken to Russia, must immediately obtain permission for safe return. Russia, Belarus and all who are guilty of war crimes and other most serious crimes will be held accountable for their actions in accordance with international law,” the document says.

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As noted in the summit resolution, the adoption of the sixth package of EU sanctions further increased pressure on Russia to force it to stop the war against Ukraine. At the same time, the EU expressed its intention to continue working on sanctions, including strengthening their implementation and avoiding ways to bypass them. The European Council called on all countries to join the EU sanctions, in particular the candidate countries. As noted, the leaders of the countries EU instructed to quickly complete the work on the introduction into European legislation of the rules relating the violation of restrictive EU sanctions to the list of serious crimes.

“The European Union remains resolute in providing further military support to help Ukraine respect its right to self-defense against Russian aggression and to defend its own territorial integrity and sovereignty. In this context, the European Council called on the Council of the EU to quickly work out a further increase in such military assistance,” the summit resolution says.

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In the financial dimension, as the document recalls, the European Commission will soon submit a proposal to allocate new macro-financial assistance to Ukraine up to 9 billion euros in 2022. The European Council urged the European Commission to quickly submit proposals for European Union support for the reconstruction of Ukraine, which should be made in consultation with international partners, organizations and experts.

As already reported, on February 24 this year, Russia launched an unprovoked war against Ukraine, conducting massive shelling and bombing of Ukrainian cities and towns, committing repressions and atrocities against the civilian population in the temporarily occupied territories. All the people of Ukraine rose up to fight against the invaders.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the European Union and its member states have shown sincere solidarity with Ukraine, providing it with powerful political, economic, financial, humanitarian and military assistance.

On June 23, the European Council considered Ukraine’s application for membership in the European Union and decided to grant Ukraine a European perspective and the status of an EU candidate country.

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