The enemy uses electronic warfare systems to suppress radio communications

The greatest activity of Russian troops at 06:00 on May 11 is observed in the Slobozhansky and Donetsk directions. the Russian army uses electronic warfare systems (EW) to suppress radio channels.

According to Ukrinform, this was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Facebook.

The enemy does not stop offensive operations in the Eastern Operational Zone in order to establish full control over the territory of the Donetsk, Lugansk and Kherson regions and to hold the land corridor between these territories and the occupied Crimea.

“The greatest activity of the invaders is observed in the Slobozhansky and Donetsk directions,” the message says.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the enemy operates in a grouping consisting of separate units of the 6th Army Army of the Western Military District, the 41st Combined Arms Army of the Central Military District, coastal troops of the Baltic and Northern fleets. Russian troops continue to focus their main efforts on preventing further advancement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of the state border of Ukraine, conduct reconnaissance of units of the Defense Forces to the north and northeast of the city of Kharkiv.

In the Izyum direction, groups from individual units of the 1st Tank Army and the 20th Combined Arms Army of the Western Military District, the 29th, 35th, 36th Combined Arms Armies and the 68th Army Corps of the Eastern Military District and airborne troops concentrates its main efforts on inflicting fire damage on Ukrainian units.

In the Donetsk direction, the grouping of Russian troops is concentrating its main efforts on continuing offensive operations in order to take full control of the city of Rubizhne, to capture the settlements of Liman and Severodonetsk.

Does not stop assault operations in the Limansky, Severodonetsky, Bakhmutsky, Avdeevsky, Kurakhovsky directions with the support of cannon and rocket artillery units.

In the city of Mariupol, the enemy is blocking Ukrainian units in the area of ​​the Azovstal plant. With the support of fire, artillery and tanks conduct assault operations. Deals rocket and bomb strikes.

In the Yuzhnobuzh and Tauride directions, enemy units are trying to improve their tactical position.

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In the Mykolaiv direction, the enemy continues shelling the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the Krivoy Rog direction, he fired on Ukrainian troops using artillery.

In order to consolidate in the occupied territory, it conducts engineering work and the creation of new positions in the areas of the settlements of Bruskinskoye and Bolshaya Aleksandrovka.

In the Tauride direction, the enemy is carrying out demonstrative actions in order to tie down the actions of the Defense Forces units, improve the engineering equipment of their positions, and replenish supplies.

In the Bessarabian direction, the situation in the Transnistrian region of Moldova remains tense. Subdivisions of the Russian troops continue to be in combat readiness – “Full”.

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In the Volyn, Polessky and Seversk directions, the situation remains unchanged.

The enemy continues to destroy the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine, inflicting rocket and bomb strikes and shelling settlements and infrastructure.

“To suppress radio communication channels, the enemy uses electronic warfare systems,” the report says.

Constant shelling by Russian troops does not allow for a full-fledged evacuation of civilians and the wounded from the combat zone.

Over the previous day, air defense units of the Air Force and the Ground Forces hit four UAVs of the Orlan-10 type. In addition, one of the brigades of the air assault troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed one Mi-24 helicopter.

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The General Staff added that the aircraft of the Air Force in certain areas continued to deliver air strikes to the enemy and support the fighting of the Ukrainian military.

On the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled twelve enemy attacks over the past day, destroyed twelve tanks, four artillery systems, nineteen units of armored combat vehicles, seven vehicles and two units of special enemy engineering equipment.

As Ukrinform reported, from February 24 to May 10, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 26,000 (+350) Russian servicemen.

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