The enemy fleet has more than 50 cruise missiles, which are ready to fire on Ukraine

The enemy naval grouping consisting of six surface ships and two submarines, which left their places of deployment in the Crimea, continues to threaten Ukraine with missile strikes from the Black Sea.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported in Facebook operational command “South” Colonel Vladislav Nazarov.

“The enemy ship group continues to keep the entire territory of Ukraine under the threat of missile strikes. On 6 ships and 2 submarines there can be more than fifty cruise missiles … Moreover, if the other day the enemy used modern-style air-launched missiles, now the mode of saving ammunition is obvious. The launch of obsolete Soviet-made missiles turns into a senseless and insidious hit of missiles on civilian targets, the killing of civilians, psychological pressure associated with the constant threat of shelling,” Nazarov said.

According to him, as a result of evening missile strikes on Odessa region, tourist infrastructure facilities, a shopping center and warehouses of goods of an industrial group were destroyed. Civilians were injured at these facilities – one person died, seven people were injured, they were taken to hospitals.

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On the line of collision, Ukrainian rocket and artillery units defeated 130 targets. The enemy lost 68 people, five howitzers, five vehicles and an armored fighting vehicle.

The situation in the zone of responsibility of OK “South” is tense, but controlled, Colonel Nazarov added.

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