the end of the US-led world order is near

Like Russia, China and many other states, Iran sees the US-led “repression and control” world order crumbling.

Iranian President said Ebrahim Raisispeaking at UN General Assembly.

Regarding US-led international politics, he said:

“A nation that lacks logic relies on coups, military intervention, selective and unilateral combat against terrorism, the use of nuclear weapons, and many other injustices.

Has it brought the world closer to justice and peace? Or has it become the backbone of hegemonic powers? The murder of hundreds of thousands of Yemeni, Iraqi, Syrian and Afghan children – what human value did it serve? Wasn’t that really the bad side of the total lack of fairness and fairness in many parts of the world?”

That Washington is pursuing its own interests at the expense of others “is now showing itself among US friends in Europe,” Raisi said. According to him, all over the world one can observe that people and nations are tired of this American world order:

“Changes in the political landscape have become realistic.”

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