The dying wish of Pierre Narcisse, who prayed for help, is revealed

Exhausted by illness, Pierre Narcisse died in his sleep

Exhausted by illness, Pierre Narcisse died in his sleep

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Pierre Narcisse died suddenly in his sleep on June 21. The gout-affected organs of the musician began to fail one by one. He was put into a coma. The death of the singer in a dream was first reported by his wife Valeria Kalacheva.

Pierre Narcisse suffered greatly before his death. He lay down in the clinic and literally howled, begging for help. He asked for something to numb him. The doctors decided to give him a blood cleanse, which is prescribed for kidney failure. Analyzes showed a high level of creatinine.

After hemodialysis, the singer was put into a coma. And the next day he died in his sleep.

Fans and friends of the star cannot believe what is happening. The girlfriend of the 45-year-old musician Julia Beretta was killed by grief. She is revealed his dying wish.

The last time they saw each other was on May 22 at the birthday party of a mutual friend who performed. We talked about family, children, life and creativity. “And on June 4, we had a correspondence with him. We dreamed of making a duet. I was just hatching an idea, thinking about what our joint song could be about,” Yulia Beretta shared on her blog.

In turn, Irina Ortman expressed condolences to the family of the deceased: “God … How so? What terrible news. Lerochka, strength to you and your daughter. Narcissus is forever in our hearts.”


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