The Dutch government condemned the “radical actions” of farmers on the country’s roads

The Dutch government has condemned and sharply criticized the actions of farmers on the country’s roads.

It is reported by Ukrinform with reference to NOS.

“The government has sharply criticized the actions of farmers on the roads. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte tweeted about a small group of farmers, and also called waste dumping and arson on roads unacceptable and life-threatening,” the message says.

The Minister for Nature and Nitrogen of the Netherlands, Christiane van der Wal, also considers unacceptable the actions of farmers, which can be dangerous to the lives of other people.

In particular, we are talking about burning hay on the roads.

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The government is also calling on farmers to negotiate in early August.

Farmer protests continue Netherlands from the end of June. The demonstrators are unhappy with the government’s nitrogen policy, which is aimed at protecting nature.

As Ukrinform reported, in the Netherlands, farmers from time to time hold rallies against the government’s environmental plans to reduce air pollution.

Farmers blocked supermarket distribution centers across the country, as well as roads with their tractors and hay.

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The Dutch government has obliged farmers to reduce emissions by up to 70% in many places near protected areas and up to 95% elsewhere.

The ruling coalition has provided an additional 24.3 billion euros to fund changes that are likely to force many farmers to drastically reduce their livestock numbers.

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