The dramatic story of the Argentine Franco Caimi after his accident: “I had to eject myself from the motorcycle”

The Argentine Franco Caimi recounts how was the fall in which he had to “eject” from the motorcycle

(From Saudi Arabia) Risk and falls are a constant on motorcycles in the dakar rally and this Friday the Argentine Franco Caimi (Hero) was able to verify it in an accident that did not become major due to the quick reaction of the man from Mendoza, who nevertheless continues in the race and marches in 12th place in the general classification, with third place for Salta kevin benavides (KTM), who is looking for his second victory on two wheels.

It was a scary moment for Caimi who, in dialogue with infobae He related what happened to him: “It was an intense stage. Feeling good with the bike, with a good feeling, but at kilometer 90 I ate a cut on a dune and it hurt a lot because It was 20 meters and I had to eject from the bike. I fell on my leg and it hurt a little bit. So the last part of the stage came with a bit of uncomfortable pain on top of the bike”.

“A cut is the dune that has the shape of a pyramid, when the sun is high you don’t see the contrast with the light well and you think that the dune is going to continue, but it doesn’t, it cuts. So I thought the dune was still going on, but it was cut off. On the other side was the descent of the dune that was about 20 meters and I fell on the wall of the other dune. It was one of the biggest ejecta I’ve ever had rally racing. Happy to be in one piece and continue in the race”, added the Cuyano.

Luckily, he affirms that he did not suffer a serious injury and that “I twisted my knee and ankle”. Regarding his motorcycle, he explains that “something was felt in the front end, but nothing that cannot be solved”.

Despite his fall, Franco Caimi finished 13th in the stage and is 12th in the standings (Shakedownteam)
Despite his fall, Franco Caimi finished 13th in the stage and is 12th in the standings (Shakedownteam)

The native of Luján de Cuyo last year was left at the gates of the race due to an injury and now he took revenge with a good job. “Last year I had a dislocated fracture in my right arm just over a month before a Dakar and I didn’t have time to recover. Injuries are something that athletes always live with and it’s good to get back up and be as good as possible for a competition not only against rivals but also against oneself. That is the great challenge of surpassing oneself”, he concludes.

Despite the fall, Franco finished 13th on this Friday in which stage 12 was held that linked Ardah with Sheybah and it was another route full of dunes with 185 kilometers of speed and 191 of connection. In the two wheels the winner was the Chilean ignacio cornejo (Sling).

as long as kevin benavides He was fifth in a strategic race since he is third in the general classification, 2m40s behind the leader, the Australian Toby Price (KTM). Second is the American Skyler Howes (Husqvarna). The man from Salta, winner in 2021 in the specialty, sought to finish in that position to avoid starting ahead on Saturday and having to “sweep the track” as they say in Dakarian slang. This is having to form the footprint and clean the path of stones or plants. Those who start first tend to lose time due to these circumstances and for this reason, starting this year, they were given a bonus in their lap times at the end of the day. This Thursday Benavides confessed to Infobae that the stage on Friday and Saturday would be defining. That is why Kevin sought to start in fifth place to be able to start in the same position tomorrow and have a clear field, accelerate at full speed and try to recover the lead in the general, but also making the greatest possible difference that will reach him for the last stage that they will be alone 136 km/h timed. That is why the 34-year-old wants to “finish off” the race tomorrow.

Benavides’ analysis and the novelty of the bonuses serve to explain why this year’s race is pure strategy on motorcycles. As a reference, the bonuses are taken in the first part of each stage, up to the refueling point (approximately 200 km). The organization of the race distributes different “bonus checkpoints” on the daily route and the system works in this way: the first driver to pass through that sector receives a 1.5-second bonus for each kilometer traveled to the previous checkpoint. ; the second will have 1 second per kilometer and the third 0.5 seconds per kilometer.

Kevin Benavides is third and this Saturday he will go out to recover the lead in the general and try to settle the race (REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed)
Kevin Benavides is third and this Saturday he will go out to recover the lead in the general and try to settle the race (REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed)

as long as Luciano Benavides (Husqvarna) was 12th and remains sixth overall. the riojan Diego Plains (Rieju) was 27th and is 78th overall. Y Stefano Caimi (KTM), Franco’s younger brother, was 30th and is 28th in the accumulated after 12 days of racing.

In quads there is another from Mendoza who is fighting for a place on the podium and is Francisco Moreno (Yamaha), who was fourth and remains second in the general classification, 59 minutes behind the leader, the French Alexandre Giroud (Yamaha), who was sixth in the partial that the Brazilian won Marcelo Medeiros (Yamaha). The rest of Argentines in the specialty were: Pablo Copetti (Yamaha), 7th and 3rd overall, Carlos Verza8th and 8th, and Alexander Fantoni (Yamaha), 10th and 9th. Manuel Andujar He withdrew yesterday due to mechanical failures, but he rejoined the race for the “Dakar Experience” modality, which is an alternative that the organization gives the pilots so that they can continue in activity, but if they complete the race, they do not receive the medal for getting to the finish line. The one from Lobos was eleventh and last, the same position that he occupies in the general.

In cars, other men from Mendoza have been performing well. Juan Cruz Yacopini (Toyota) was eleventh and completes the top ten overall. Y Sebastian Halpern (Mini) was 13th and is 11th overall. In this category the French Sebastien Loeb (Prodrive) achieved its fifth stage in a row and the sixth so far in this edition. He is already second in the general classification, but he is 1h27m10s behind Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota) that remains at the top of the absolute payroll. The Qatari is looking for his fifth victory in the toughest race in the world and his second in a row.

Juan Cruz Yacopini is the best Argentine in cars and completes the top ten (Shakedownteam)
Juan Cruz Yacopini is the best Argentine in cars and completes the top ten (Shakedownteam)

In the UTVs, the sand vehicles, in the T3 division (prototypes) the American prevailed mitchell guthrie (TM3). your compatriot austin jones (Can Am) was fifth and retains the lead in the general positions. the pampas david zille (Can Am) was 7th and gear 25th overall.

In the T4 (prepared series vehicles), the Polish Michael Goczal (Can Am) was the fastest of the day and second place allows the Lithuanian Rokas Baciuska (Can Am) stay ahead in the global. the cordovan Jeremías González Ferioli (Can Am) was 13th and is fourth overall. his countryman Nicholas Cavigliasso (Can Am), 15° and 25°. the chaco Juan Manuel Silva (Yamaha), 28th and 17th. and the salteño Ramon Nunez (Can Am), 32° and 26°.

Finally, in trucks, the Dutch Janus Van Kasteren (Iveco) was the reference of the day and also climbed to the top of the total positions.

what is coming The action will continue in the dunes with the penultimate stage, number 13, which can become definitive with just 154 kilometers of timed section. It will link Shaybah with Al-Hofuf which will have a long link of 521 kilometers.

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