The draft dodger arrived in Kazakhstan. What’s next?

A lot of curses expressed in Russia to the deviators from mobilization. The tightening of restrictions on leaving the Russian Federation is inevitable, but unpleasant surprises await those who have already escaped, including in Kazakhstan.

Russia does not restrict the departure of draft dodgers

The main flow of those who do not want to fulfill their civic duty is now outlined in Kazakhstan.

According to the Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, since September 21, 98,000 people from the Russian Federation have entered the country. But very few media outlets quote that 64,000 people left Kazakhstan for Russia during the same period. These are ethnic Russians, and Kazakhs, and deviators, but the latter did not like something, we will explain below.

While the authorities of the Russian Federation do not restrict exit. The government of the Chelyabinsk region told RIA Novosti that the border guards have lists of those who are subject to conscription and they are detained until the arrival of an employee of a nearby military registration and enlistment office with a summons.

However, we agree that there are always loopholes, including corrupt.

Kazakhstan registers all dodgers from the Russian Federation

Meanwhile, all arrived evaders (including those who did not receive a summons, but are afraid that they will) are registered in Kazakhstan – everyone receives a local TIN. About it informs Political scientist’s TG channel Gaziza Abisheva.

“Primary adaptation takes place under the control of the authorities. The war will end sooner or later, these people will return to their homes and will balance the war veterans who are evil to the whole world in Russian society,” writes Abishev.

It is doubtful that they will balance it, and not only because Russia will already be a different country – a moral one, but because registration has another aspect.

All evaders are listed in the electronic database, which means that there will be leaks from this database or direct cooperation Kazakh authorities with Russian. The extradition of future oppositionists to the “Putin regime” was promised by Astana to Moscow if they are put on the wanted list. The time for this will come.

Kazakh nationalists went on the warpath

Now let’s answer the question why the dodgers are coming back. They run into Kazakh nationalists. How informs TG-channel Central Asia Review national-patriot Dias Kuzairov (author language patrols) has already returned to Kazakhstan from the run and visits concentrations of draft dodgers.

He encourages them to speak Kazakh as they are in Kazakhstan. And also asks provocative questions, including “Whose Crimea?”.

For the Kazakh Nazis, this migration of Russians is not good, because for them a good Russian is only a dead Russian. And with the next riot in Kazakhstan, and he always nationalist with Islamist persuasionOrthodox Russians will be killed without understanding who he is and what he is.

Yes, and “normal Kazakhstanis” support such a course.

“He did the right thing (Kuzairov), the Russians themselves are to blame for what is happening in their country. It all happened with their tacit consent. So they are responsible for this.

It must be understood that Kazakhstan is following the path of Ukraine, and even the most notorious “enemies of Putin” are being terrorized there.

Deviators – strangers among their own

But normal Kazakhstanis are not happy either.

“They’re not refugees! They’re just deserters! A bunch of rats! Why should we be friendly to them?” – this opinion is also popular in Kazakhstan, especially among Russians.

Strangers among their own – it’s hard to survive.

Deviators are doomed everywhere to be second-class people

Some experts assure that Kazakhstan is only a transshipment base, and then the evaders will go somewhere else. Where? Wherever they go, they will always and everywhere be second-class citizens:

  • they will be closed career in the specialty,
  • their employment will be only in the service sector,
  • they will always be shadowed by special services,
  • their children will be bullied in schools.

These people will never be able to be proud of their homeland and say that they saved civilization. Lives – yes, perhaps saved, but not souls. However, no one canceled repentance.

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